Issue 105 | Autumn 2014

NZB 105Volume 24 | Number 1 |  Issue 105 | Autumn 2014

Editorial “Something old, something new”


Mark Stocker: Jill Trevelyan, Peter McLeavey: The Life of a New Zealand Art Dealer; Christopher Johnstone, Landscape Paintings of New Zealand: A Journey from North to South; Peter Alsop and Gary Stewart (eds), Promoting Prosperity: The Art of Early New Zealand Advertising

Megan Dunn: Melinda Johnston, Lateral Inversions: The Prints of Barry Cleavin

Eleanor Toland: Duncan Sarkies, The Demolition of the Century; Craig Cliff, The Mannequin Makers; Summer Wigmore, The Wind City

Anna Rogers: Elizabeth Knox, Wake

Stuart Baker: Adrian Kinnaird, From Earth’s End: The Best of New Zealand Comics

Kathryn Walls: Janet Frame (Deidre Copeland illus), The Mijo Tree; Jenny Bornholdt (Sarah Wilkins illus), A Book is a Book; Joy Cowley, Dunger

Nepia Mahuika: Keith Newman, Beyond Betrayal, Trouble in the Promised Land – Restoring the Mission to Maori

Paul Morris: Peter Lineham, Destiny: The Life and Times of a Self-Made Apostle; Stuart Lange, A Rising Tide: Evangelical Christianity in New Zealand 1930-65

Jock Phillips: Tim Beaglehole (ed), “I think I am Becoming a New Zealander”: Letters of J C Beaglehole

Dougal McNeill: Charles Brasch, Journals 1938-45

John Callen: Laurie Atkinson (ed), Playmarket 40: 40 Years of Playwriting in New Zealand

Laurie Atkinson: Robert Lord (Phillip Mann ed), Three Plays

Lisa Warrington: Paul Maunder, Rebellious Mirrors: Community-based Theatre in Aotearoa/New Zealand; Michelanne Forster and Vivienne Plumb, Twenty New Zealand Playwrights

Edmund Bohan: Simon Best, Frontiers: A Colonial Dynasty

Verica Rupar: Ann Beaglehole, Refuge New Zealand: A Nation’s Response to Refugees and Asylum Seekers; Ron Crosby, Andris, Where are You? From Latvia to New Zealand: The Family Story of Andris Apse

Anne Opie: Tracey Barnett, The Quiet War on Asylum; John Pratt, The Punitive Society: Falling Crime and Rising Imprisonment in New Zealand

Michael Hulse: Sarah Broom, Gleam; Paula Green, The Baker’s Thumbprint; John Newton, Family Songbook; Louise Wallace, Enough

Tim Upperton: The centre cannot hold (comment)

Barry Gustafson: Geoffrey Palmer, Reform: A Memoir


Kim Worthington: Charlotte Randall, The Bright Side of my Condition

Charles Hornabrook: John Dawson and Kris Gledhill (eds), New Zealand’s Mental Health Act in Practice
Charlotte Macdonald: Susan Upton, Wanted, a Beautiful Barmaid: Women Behind the Bar in New Zealand, 1830-1976

Charlotte Macdonald: Susan Upton, Wanted, a Beautiful Barmaid: Women Behind the Bar in New Zealand, 1830-1976

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