Issue 104 | Summer 2013

Volume 23 | Number 4 |  Issue 104 | Summer 2013


Issue 104 cover


Roger Robinson: Damien Wilkins, Max Gate

Gregory O’Brien: “Fireflies in the Twilight” (Imprints)

Julia Millen: Angela Wanhalla, Matters of the Heart: A History of Interracial Marriage in New Zealand


Rae Varcoe: Hamish Wilson and Wayne Cunningham, Being a Doctor: Understanding Medical Practice

Mark Houlahan: Vincent O’Sullivan, Us, Then; Ian Wedde, The Lifeguard: Poems 2008-2013; Bernadette Hall, Life and Customs

Spiro Zavos: Bob Jones, Fighting Talk: Boxing and the Modern Lexicon

Tim Hazledine: Max Rashbrooke (ed), Inequality: A New Zealand Crisis; Jim McAloon, Judgements of All Kinds: Economic Policy-Making in New Zealand 1945-1984

David Hill: Tony Simpson, Ambiguity and Innocence: The New Zealand Division and the Occupation of Trieste, May 1945; Glyn Harper and John Tonkin-Covell, The Battles of Monte Cassino: The Campaign and its Consequences

Tribute: Hugh Price

Tribute: Isa Moynihan

Hamish Clayton: Craig Harrison, The Quiet Earth

Peter Calder: Marti Friedlander with Hugo Manson, Self-portrait

Jane Westaway: Peter Farrell, The Lie That Settles; Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, The Lost Pilot; Lloyd Jones, A History of Silence

Ross Somerville: Davinia Caddy, How to Hear Classical Music

Rick Millington: Jack Ross (poems), Emma Smith (drawings), Celanie: Poems and Drawings after Paul Celan

Heather Roberts: Stephanie Johnson, The Writing Class; Anne Kennedy, The Last Days of the National Costume

John McCrystal: Rosemary Wildblood, Pentimento; Sarah Laing, The Fall of Light

David Grant: Mark Derby, White-collar Radical: Dan Long and the Rise of White-collar Unions

David Round: Nicola R Wheen and Janine Hayward (eds), Treaty of Waitangi Settlements

Murray Bramwell: Emma Martin, Two Girls in a Boat; Amy Head, Tough; Jo Randerson, Tales from the Netherworld

Emma Neale: “Fantail” (poem)

Ann Beaglehole: Alan Duff, Frederick’s Coat; Stevan Eldred-Grigg, Bangs; Joan Rosier-Jones, Waiting for Elizabeth

Brian Easton: Miriam J Laugesen and Robin Gauld, Democratic Governance and Health: Hospitals, Politics and Health Policy in New Zealand

Nelson Wattie: “In a Railway Carriage” (poem)

Caoilinn Hughes: Sandy McKay, When Our Jack Went to War; David Hill, Brave Company; Fleur Beale, Speed Freak



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