Issue 94 | Winter 2011


Issue 94 Winter 2011Volume 21 | Number 2 | Issue 94 | Winter 2011

Obituary: Judith Binney

Janet Hunt: Alison Ballance, Kakapo: Rescued from the Brink of Extinction; Neville Peat, The Tasman: Biography of an Ocean

Hugh Roberts: Janet Wilson (ed), Frank Sargeson’s Stories

Murray Bramwell: Mike Johnson (graphic art, Darren Sheehan), Travesty; Emma Neale, Fosterling; Hamish Clayton, Wulf

Elizabeth Caffin: Mike Doyle: Collected Poems 1951-2009

Peter Bland: “Naked Ladies” (poem)


Vincent O’Sullivan: “Plane People” (poem)

Isa Moynihan: “A failure of trust” (Byline)

Michael Hulse: Paula Green and Harry Ricketts, 99 Ways into New Zealand Poetry

Chris Else: Jim Flynn, The Torchlight List

Liv Macassey: Vincent Ward, The Past Awaits: People, Film, Images

Lois Daish: Perrin Rowland, Dining Out: A History of the Restaurant in New Zealand

Melissa Laing: Peter Simpson, Fantastica: The World of Leo Bensemann

Stella Ramage: Gregory O’Brien, A Micronaut in the Wide World: The Imaginative Life and Times of Graham Percy

Diane Hebley: Adele Broadbent, Just Jack; Des Hunt, The Peco Incident; Barbara Else, The Travelling Restaurant: Jasper’s Voyage in Three Parts; Ken Catran, Nina Questor: The Battle Has Begun

Ruth Nichol: Charlotte Randall, Hokitika Town; Laurence Fearnley, The Hut Builder

Ashleigh Young: Ian Mune, Mune: An Autobiography; Joy Cowley, Navigation: A Memoir; Carol Henderson and Heather Tovey, Searching for Grace: A Woman’s Quest for Her True Identity; Cath Tizard, Cat Amongst the Pigeons: A Memoir

John McCrystal: Peter Butler, Gravel Roads; Nicholas Edlin, The Widow’s Daughter; Carl Nixon, Settlers’ Creek; Kelly Ana Morey, Quinine

Nicholas Reid: Craig Cliff, A Man Melting; Pip Adam, Everything We Hoped For; Tina Makereti, Once upon a Time in Aotearoa

Peter Russell: Sarah Gaitanos, The Violinist: Clare Galambos Winter, Holocaust Survivor

Les Cleveland: Alison Parr, Home: Civilian New Zealanders Remember the Second World War

Lindsay Pope: “Wounds” (poem)

Robin Skinner: Julia Gatley (ed), Group Architects: Towards a New Zealand Architecture; John Walsh and Patrick Reynolds, Home Work: Leading New Zealand Architects’ Own Houses

Christine Dann: Margaret Sparrow, Abortion Then and Now: New Zealand Abortion Stories from 1940 to 1980

Hilary Stace: Julia Millen, Te Rau Herenga: A Century of Library Life in New Zealand: The New Zealand Library Association and LIANZA 1910-2010

Simon Upton: Raymond Richards, Palmer: The Parliamentary Years


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