Issue 88 | Summer 2009


Issue88Volume 19 | Number 4 | Issue 88 | Summer 2009


Margot Schwass: Lloyd Jones, The Man in the Shed

Roger Robinson: Maurice Gee, Access Road


Saskia Voorendt: Mandy Hager, The Crossing; Elizabeth Pulford, Blackthorn’s Betrayal; Janice Marriott, Bute View; David Hill, Fire on High

Mark Derby: Monty Soutar, Nga Tama Toa: The Price of Citizenship: C Company 28 (Maori) Battalion 1939-1945

Maggie Tarver: “Fair concerns” (Byline)

Martin Edmond: Philip Temple, Chance is a Fine Thing

Bill Hastings: Janet November, In the Footsteps of Ethel Benjamin: New Zealand’s First Woman Lawyer

Harvey McQueen: Denis Welch, Helen Clark: A Political Life

Barry Gustafson: Mary Logan, Nordy: Arnold Nordmeyer: A Political Biography

Obituary: Alistair Te Ariki Campbell

Fleur Adcock: “Elegy for Alistair” (poem)

Tony Simpson: James Belich, Replenishing the Earth: The Settler Revolution and Rise of the Anglo World 1783-1939

Tom Brooking: Anne Salmond, Aphrodite’s Island: The European Discovery of Tahiti

Paula Boock: “Courier to Times New Roman” (Comment)

Janet Hughes: Chris Price, The Blind Singer; Stephanie de Montalk, Vivid Familiar; Michael Harlow, The Tram Conductor’s Blue Cap; Geoff Cochrane, Pocket Edition

David Grant: Mark Derby (ed), Kiwi Compañeros: New Zealand and the Spanish Civil War

Janet Wilson: Anna Jackson and Jane Stafford (eds), Floating Worlds: Essays on Contemporary New Zealand Fiction

David Colquhoun: James McNeish, Lovelock

David Eggleton: Karen Stevenson, The Frangipani is Dead: Contemporary Pacific Art in New Zealand

Nelson Wattie: “Shutting up shop” (Byline)

James Brown: “Long Shadows” (poem)

Barbara Murison: Dorothy Butler, All This and a Bookshop Too

Jane Westaway: Martin Edmond, Zone of the Marvellous: In Search of the Antipodes; Jennifer Sturm (ed), Anna Kavan’s New Zealand: A Pacific Interlude in a Turbulent Life; Ann Thwaite, Passageways: The Story of a New Zealand Family; Christina Thompson, Come on Shore and We Will Kill and Eat You All: An Unlikely Love Story

Susan Pearce: Fleur Beale, Sins of the Fathers: The Long Shadow of a Religious Cult

Alison Gray: Pip Desmond, Trust: A True Story of Women and Gangs


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