Issue 84 | Summer 2008


Issue 84 Summer 2008Volume 18 | Number 4 | Issue 84 | Summer 2008

Harry Ricketts and Jane Westaway; “Going online” (Editorial)

Obituary: Dianne Ruth Pettis (1955-2008)

Martin Edmond: Brian Turner, Into the Wider World: A Back Country Miscellany

Sue McCauley: Duncan Sarkies, Two Little Boys; Bernard Beckett, Acid Song; Gillian Ranstead, Girlie 

Elspeth Sandys: Bronwyn Tate, Adam’s Ale 

Bernard Carpinter: Paul Cleave, Cemetery Lake; Vanda Symon, The Ringmaster; Cam Stokes, The Devils Are Here; David McLeod, Christ Clone 

Hugh Roberts: Tony Beyer, Dream Boat: Selected Poems; Paula Green, Making Lists for Frances Hodgkins; Peter Bland, Mr Maui’s Monologues; Richard Reeve, In Continents

Eric Medcalf: Beth Wood, Ian Hassall, George Hook with Robert Ludbroke, Unreasonable Force 

Jenny Robin Jones: “My Brilliant Application” (Byline)

Peter Russell: Joanna Woods, Facing the Music: Charles Baeyertz and the Triad 

Karen Hartshorn: Rebecca Priestley (ed), The Awa Book of New Zealand Science 

Mary Macpherson: Andrew Ross, Fiat Lux: 51 Photographs; Rick Alexander, Hinterland: Rick Alexander’s New Zealand Photographs; Harvey Benge with Gerry Badger: A Short History of Photography 

Peter Wells: “Meeting the Ancestors” (Comment)

Bill Hastings: Chris Brickell, Mates and Lovers: A History of Gay New Zealand

Jan FitzGerald: “Mike” (poem)

Andrew Fieldsend: Alistair Fox, The Ship of Dreams: Masculinity in Contemporary Pakeha and Maori Fiction of Aotearoa/New Zealand

Steve Braunias: Mary McEwen, Charles Fleming’s Cape Expedition Diary: Auckland Islands, 1942-3 

Tony Simpson: Jock Phillips and Terry Hearn, Settlers: New Zealand Immigrants from England, Ireland and Scotland 1800-1945

Lois Daish: David Veart, First Catch Your Weka: A Story of New Zealand Cooking

Chris Knox: Graham Hutchins, The Swinging 60s: When New Zealand Changed Forever

Roger Robinson: Robert Hoskins (ed), Robert Louis Stevenson: Sophia Scarlett and Other Pacific Writings

Murray Bramwell: Joanne Drayton, Ngaio Marsh: Her Life in Crime

Edmund Bohan: Ray Grover, March to the Sound of the Guns

Russell Campbell: Duncan Petrie, Shot in New Zealand: The Art and Craft of the Kiwi Cinematographer 

Rhonda Pritchard: Jan Jordan, Serial Survivors: Women’s Narratives of Surviving Rape

Isa Moynihan: Tessa Duder, Is She Still Alive?; Laura Solomon, Alternative Medicine; Tim Jones, Transported 

John Ridland: “Night Song for my Wife to Sing at Dawn, with Ducks” (poem)

Harvey McQueen: Michael Bassett, Working with David



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