Issue 80 | Summer 2007


Issue 80Volume 17 | Number 4 | Issue 80 | Summer 2007



John McCrystal: Fiona Farrell, Mr Allbones’ Ferrets: An Historical Pastoral Satirical Scientifical Romance, with Mustelids

Fiona Farrell: “Extraordinary fortune” (Byline)

Gordon Challis: “Soul food” (poem)

Linley Boniface: Charlotte Grimshaw, Opportunity; Kelly Ana Morey, On an Island, with Consequences Dire

Elspeth Sandys: Chris Baker, Shadow Waters; Chris Else, Black Earth White Bones; Matt Johnson, Overdue New Releases; Julian Novitz, Holocaust Tours;

Lawrence Jones: Patricia Grace, Small Holes in the Silence: Short Stories

Anne Else: Dale Williams (ed), Looking Back, Moving Forward: The Janus Women’s Convention 2005

Hugh Roberts: Elizabeth Smither, The Year of the Adverb; Alistair Te Ariki Campbell, Just Poetry; Fiona Farrell, The Pop-up Book of Invasions; James Norcliffe, Villon in Millerton

Duncan Campbell: Mike Johnson (retrans), The Vertical Harp: Selected Poems of Li He

Harry Ricketts: Jack Ross and Jan Kemp (eds), Classic New Zealand Poets in Performance and Contemporary New Zealand Poets in Performance

Paula Boock: John Thorp, When She Became He: A Change for Good

Peter Ireland: Gregory O’Brien and Justin Paton (eds), Aberhart

Alan Knowles: David Eggleton, Into the Light: A History of New Zealand Photography

Jane Westaway: Diane Brown, Here Comes Another Vital Moment; Gregory O’Brien, News of the Swimmer Reaches Shore; Martin Edmond, Luca Antara: Passages in Search of Australia

Rae Varcoe: Neil Pearce, Adverse Reactions: The Fenoterol Story

Bernard Carpinter: Paul Cleave, The Cleaner and The Killing Hour; Vanda Symon, Overkill; David McGill, From My Cold, Cold Hands; P C Laird, The Shadow World

Tatjana Schaefer: Elizabeth Knox, Dreamquake

Chris Hilliard: Matthew Wright, Two Peoples, One Land: The New Zealand Wars

Paula Morris: Valerie Ringer Monk, Crown Lynn: A New Zealand Icon

Paul Morris: Colin Brown, Marie Peters and Jane Teal (eds), Shaping a Colonial Church: Bishop Harper and the Anglican Diocese of Christchurch 1856-1890; Nicholas Reid, James Michael Liston: A Life; Keith Newman, Ratana Revisited: An Unfinished Legacy

Gavin Bishop: At home in Hobbiton and Boy Land (Imprints)

Michael Nicolaidi: Sarah Gaitanos, Nola Millar: A Theatrical Life; George Webby, Just Who Does He Think He Is?

Christine Johnston: Steve Braunias, How to Watch a Bird

Simon Upton: Sam Mahon, The Water Thieves

Margaret Beames: “They are not alone” (Comment)


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