Issue 77 | Autumn 2007


Issue 77 Autumn 2007Volume 17 | Number 1 | Issue 77 | Autumn 2007

Editorial: A modest makeover


Patrick Evans: Lloyd Jones, Mister Pip

Linda Clark and Raymond Miller: Nicky Hager, The Hollow Men: A Study in the Politics of Deception

Stevan Eldred-Grigg: Paul Moon, Fatal Frontiers: A New History of New Zealand in the Decade Before the Treaty

Tim Hazledine: Bryan Gould, The Democracy Sham: How Globalisation Devalues Your Vote

Kim Griggs: Joe Bennett, Mustn’t Grumble: An Accidental Return to England; Nathan Hoturoa Gray, First Pass Under Heaven; Ian Robinson, You Must Die Once

Philip Temple: Michael Jackson, The Accidental Anthropologist

Reuben Schwarz: Robin Gauld and Shaun Goldfinch, Dangerous Enthusiasms: E-government, Computer Failure and Information Systems Development

Brian Easton: John Singleton (with Arthur Grimes, Gary Hawke and Frank Holmes), Innovation and Independence: The Reserve Bank of New Zealand 1973-2002

Gerald McGhie: Michael Field, Black Saturday: New Zealand’s Tragic Blunders in Samoa

Paul Thomas: Joe Bennett, Down Boy; David Hill, Hillsides

Peter Bland: ”The 1929 Essex Six” (poem)

Tony Simpson: C H Kit Bennetts, Spy

Redmer Yska: Hugh Price, The Plot to Subvert Wartime New Zealand

Tim Jones: “The Wrong Horse” (poem)

David Clark: The Elegant Universe of Albert Einstein: The Collected Lectures of the Royal Society of New Zealand E=mc2 Series Broadcast on National Radio; Paul Callaghan and Bill Manhire (eds), Are Angels OK? The Parallel Universes of New Zealand Writers and Scientists

Joan de Hamel: Carolyn McCurdie, The Unquiet; David Hill, Aim High; Des Hunt, Frog Whistle Mine; Brenda Delamain, Lizzie, Love; V M Jones, Shooting the Moon

Margot Schwass: Anthony Maturin, A Certain Grace

Gordon McLauchlan: Ben Brown, A Fish in the Swim of the World; Richard Shallcrass, Family Silver; Jacqueline Fahey, Something for the Birds; Douglas Wright, Terra Incognito

Anne Else: Lesley Martin, To Cry Inside: Love, Death and Prison

Heather Murray: Bill Direen, Song of the Brakeman; James Norcliffe, The Assassin of Gleam; Chad Taylor, Departure Lounge; Craig Marriner, Southern Style

Heather Roberts: Anna Smith, Politics 101; Rachael King, The Sound of Butterflies; Paul Shannon, Davey Darling; Anne Maria Nicholson, Weeping Waters

John Horrocks:  Joanna Margaret Paul (ed Bernadette Hall), Like Love Poems: Selected Poems; Wystan Curnow,  Modern Colours; Dinah Hawken, One Shapely Thing: Poems and Journals; Michael Jackson, Dead Reckoning; James Brown, The Year of the Bicycle

Anna Livesey: Alison Wong, Cup; Ruth Dallas, The Joy of a Ming Vase; Chris Price, Brief Lives; David Howard, The Word Went Round

Mark Williams: Dear Miss Williams (Comment)

Judith Binney: The heart of the matter (Byline)


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