Issue 66 | December 2004


Issue 66 – 2004

Volume 14 | Number 5 | Issue 66 | December 2004 

Rose Lovell-Smith: Joyce West, The Drover’s Road Collection: Adventures in New Zealand

Editorial: How not to run a book launch


Denis Welch: John Tamihere with Helen Bain, Black and White

Colin James: John E Martin, The House: New Zealand’s House of Representatives 1854-2004

Chris Else: Patricia Grace, Tu

James Norcliffe: Iain Sharp, The Singing Harp; Stephen Sinclair, The Dwarf and the Stripper and other poems; Bill Dacker, To …

Mark Williams: Fiona Farrell, Book Book

Robyn Munford: Jenny Neale, No Friend Like a Sister: Exploring the Relationship between Sisters

Spiro Zavos: Denis McLean, The Prickly Pear: Making Nationalism in Australia and New Zealand

Joan Rosier-Jones: Rowan Metcalfe, Transit of Venus; Glynne MacLean, Love in Shades of Grey; Ruth Pettis, Like Small Bones

Jane Bowron: Raybon Kan, An Asian at my Table

Linley Boniface: Graeme Lay, The Miss Tutti Frutti Contest: Travel Tales of the South Pacific; Diane Brown, Liars and Lovers: A Travel Memoir

Duncan Campbell: Polly Greeks, Embracing the Dragon: A Woman’s Journey Along the Great Wall of China; Mary Quin, Kidnapped in Yemen

Norman Bilbrough: Brian Falkner, The Real Thing; Ken Catran, Seal Boy; Sandy McKay, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and Colin Goes Bush; Eirlys Hunter, Finn’s Quest: The Slave Stealers

William Taylor: Bernard Beckett, Malcolm and Juliet; Joanna Orwin, Out of Tune; David Hill, Coming Back; Penelope Todd, Dark; Deborah Burnside, On a Good Day

Laurence Jenkins: Margaret Clark (ed) with Jim Collinge and Martin Lodge, John Mansfield Thomson: Notes towards a Biography

Mark Amery: David Eggleton, Ready to Fly: The Story of New Zealand Rock Music

Dougal McNeill: Richard Reeve, The Life and the Dark; Tusiata Avia, Wild Dogs Under My Skirt

Susan Bartel: Warren Adler, Jonah: My Story; Spiro Zavos, How to Watch a Game of Rugby

Lydia Wevers: Caroline Fitzgerald (ed), Letters from the Bay of Islands: The Story of Marianne Williams

Tim Jones: “The Translator” (poem)

Bronwyn Dalley: Trevor Bentley, Captured by Maori: White Female Captives, Sex and Racism on the Nineteen-century New Zealand Frontier

Megan Clayton: “Art and craft – the story so far” (Comment)

Jo McColl: Alan Preston (1932-2004) (obituary)



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