Issue 65 | October 2004 


Issue 65 Autumn 2004Volume 14 | Number 4 | Issue 65 | October 2004 

Tony Simpson: Ian McGibbon, New Zealand and the Second World War; Megan Hutching (ed), A Fair Sort of Battering: New Zealanders remember the Italian Campaign; Brendan Judd, The Desert Railway; Jim Rolfe, Brothers at War: A Kiwi Family’s Story; Bee Dawson, Spreading Their Wings: New Zealand WAAFS in Wartime; Christopher Pugsley, The Anzac Experience

Guest editorial: Dark horses and wild cards


Stevan Eldred-Grigg: Michael King, The Penguin History of New Zealand; Gordon McLauchlan, A Short History of New Zealand

Lloyd Jones: C K Stead, Mansfield: A Novel

Simone Drichel: Witi Ihimaera, Whanau II

Jane Westaway: Douglas Wright, Ghost dance

Rosemary McLeod: Graham Hutchins, Eight Days a Week: The Beatles’ Tour of New Zealand 1964; John Daley, Big Smoke: New Zealand City People in the ‘60s and 70s

Cilla McQueen: Anne French, Wild; Heather McPherson, Travel and other compulsions; Anna Jackson, Catullus for Children

Anne French: Vincent O’Sullivan, Nice morning for it, Adam

Harry Ricketts: Vincent O’Sullivan, Long Journey to the Border: A Life of John Mulgan

Jenny Robin Jones: Charlotte Randall, What Happen Then, Mr Bones?

Margaret Tennant: Ann Trotter, Mary Potter’s Little Company of Mary – The New Zealand Experience 1914-2002

Sue McCauley: Lydia Wevers, On Reading; Harry Ricketts, How to Live Elsewhere; Glenn Colquhoun, Jumping Ship

Tim Hazledine: Margaret Clark (ed), Muldoon Revisited

Harvey McQueen: Rob Jackaman, Apes Road: Poems Since 1997; John O’Connor & Eric Mould, Working Voices

Diane Brown: Graham Stewart, Auckland before the Harbour Bridge; Ian Carter, David Craig & Steve Matthewman (eds), Almighty Auckland?

Kim Griggs: Witi Ihimaera (ed), Auckland: The city in literature; Christine Johnston (ed), Dunedin: The city in literature; Anna Rogers (ed), Christchurch: The city in literature; Kate Camp (ed), Wellington: The city in literature

Michael Harlow, “Question” (poem)

Mary Macpherson, “Simple” (poem)

Elizabeth Knox: “My ideal reader” (Comment)




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