Issue 61 | December 2003


Issue 61 Autumn 2003Volume 13 | Number 5 | Issue 61 | December 2003

Geoff Chapple: Stephen Venables, Everest – Summit of Achievement; George Band, Everest – 50 years on Top of the World; Sir Edmund Hillary, High Adventure: Our Ascent of Everest; Christine Gee, Garry Weare and Margaret Gee (eds), Everest – Reflections from the Top; Sir Edmund Hillary, View from the Summit

Guest editorial


Simon Upton: Robin Gauld (ed), Continuity Amid Chaos: Health Care Management and Delivery in New Zealand; Peter R Roberts, Snakes and Ladders: The Pursuit of a Safety Culture in New Zealand Public Hospitals; Kevin Dew, Borderland Practices – Regulating Alternative Therapies in New Zealand

Nelson Wattie: Jane Westaway and Tessa Copland (eds), It Looks Better on You: New Zealand Women Writers on their Friendships

Jock Phillips: Anne Salmond, The Trial of the Cannibal Dog: Captain Cook in the South Seas

Colin James: Margaret Clark (ed), Holyoake’s Lieutenants

David Hill: Anthony McCarten, Brilliance; David Geary, A man of the people

Kim Griggs: Richard Wolfe, Moa: The Dramatic Story of the Discovery of a Giant Bird

Nicholas Reid: Vivienne Plumb, Secret City; Sarah Quigley, Shot

Jane Westaway: Kim Griggs, On Blue Ice – A Not Very Brave Journey to Antarctica; Peter Calder, Travels with my Mother

Robin Corney: Nicky Pellegrino, Delicious; Heather Marshall, Death of a Conscience; Greg Billington, Oyster Catcher

David Eggleton: C K Stead, Dog

Janet Hughes: Anne Kennedy, Sing-song; Tony Beyer, Electric Yachts; Nick Ascroft, Nonsense

Harry Ricketts: Jenny Bornholdt, Summer

Patrick Evans: Peter Simpson (ed), Seven New Zealand Novellas

Lawrence Jones: Elizabeth Smither, Red Shoes; The Sea Between Us

Roger Blackley: Karl F Sim (C F Goldie) and Tim Wilson, Good as Goldie: the amazing story of New Zealand’s most famous art forger

Laurence Jenkins: Annamarie Jagose, Slow Water

Julia Millen: Lloyd Chapman, In a Strange Garden: the life and times of Truby King; Linda Bryder, A Voice for Mothers: The Plunket Society and Infant Welfare, 1907-2000

Elspeth Sandys: “In search of the ‘good’ writer” (comment)

Robin Dudding: Dennis McEldowney (1926-2003) (obituary)




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