Issue 52 | March 2002


Issue 52 Summer 2000Volume 12 | Number 1 | Issue 52 | March 2002

Michael Laws: Brian Edwards, Helen: Portrait of a Prime Minister


Shelagh Duckham Cox: Kirsty Gunn, Featherstone

Simone Drichel: Alan Duff, Szabad

Diana Bridge: “The route” (poem)

Kim Worthington: Laurence Simmons and Heather Worth (eds), Derrida Downunder

Margot Schwass: Owen Marshall (ed), Authors’ Choice: Leading New Zealand writers choose their favourite stories – and explain why

John Stenhouse: Nicholas Reid, The Bishop’s Paper: A History of the Catholic Press of the Diocese of Auckland

Margaret Tennant: Helen May, Politics in the Playground; Barbara Brookes and Jane Thomson (eds), “Unfortunate Folk”: Essays on Mental Health Treatment 1863-1992; Marie Connolly (ed), New Zealand Social Work: Contexts and Practice

Marion McLeod: Marilyn Waring, In the Lifetime of a Goat: Writings 1984-2000

Roger Blackley: Ted  Lewis, I was no soldier: An artist’s war diary

Philip Temple: James Belich, Paradise Reforged. A History of the New Zealanders. From the 1880s to the
Year 2000

Linda Burgess: Barbara Anderson, The Swing Around

Harry Ricketts: Michael King, Tread Softly For You Tread On My Life: New & Collected Writings

Bill Hastings: Stephanie de Montalk, Unquiet World: The Life of Count Geoffrey Potocki de Montalk

Alan Ward: Ranginui Walker, He Tipua: The Life and Times of Sir Apirana Ngata

John Huria: Hone Tuwhare, Piggy-back Moon

Jane McRae: Hirini Moko Mead and Neil Grove (eds), Nga Pepeha o nga Tipuna: The Sayings of the Ancestors

Jane Stafford: “Biennial banquet” (Writers and Readers Week)

Greg Newbold: Lynley Hood, A City Possessed: The Christchurch Civic Creche Case

Catharina Van Bohemen: Rosie Scott, faithsinger

Elizabeth Smither: “The Oxford comma” (poem)

Bernadette Hall: Cilla McQueen, Axis: Poems & Drawings; Jan Kemp, The Sky’s Enormous Jug; Janet Hughes, Stairdancing

Mark Amery: Wayne Barrar, Shifting Nature: Photographs by Wayne Barrar; Edward Lucie-Smith, Ken Scarlett and Gregory O’Brien, Chris Booth: Sculpture in Europe, Australia and New Zealand 

Charmaine Pountney: Alison Laurie (ed), Lesbian Studies in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Nicholas Reid: “Rings with everything” (comment) 



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