Issue 51 | December 2001


Issue 51 Spring 2000Volume 11 | Number 5 | Issue 51 | December 2001

Dale Williams: John McCrystal, The Cars We Loved; John Bluck, Killing Us Softly: The Kiwi Culture of  Complaint; Richard Wolfe and Stephen Barnett,  Kiwiana! The Sequel



“Imprints”: Charlotte Yates on Joni Mitchell

Nick Bollinger: Neil Finn, Love This Life: Lyrics 1978-2001; Mahinarangi Tocker, Lyrics without melody

Les Cleveland: Matthew Wright, A Near-Run Affair: New Zealanders in the Battle for Crete, 1941; Megan Hutching (ed), A Unique Sort of Battle: New Zealanders Remember Crete 

Jock Phillips: Jim Hopkins and Julie Riley, Mates

Terry Locke: Mark Pirie, No Joke

David Gregory: Kevin Ireland, Fourteen Reasons for Writing

David Grant: Bronwyn Dalley and Jock Phillips (eds), Going Public: the Changing Face of New Zealand History

Tim Beaglehole: Grahame Anderson, The Merchant of the Zeehaen: Isaac Gilsemans and the voyages of Abel Tasman

John O’Connor: “Memo: Fragrant as a Rose” (poem)

David Eggleton: Bill Manhire, Collected Poems 1967-1999

Chris Else: Tim Corballis, Below

Rebecca Lovell-Smith: Victoria McHalick, the honey suckers; Tim Jones, Extreme Weather Events

Louise O’Brien: Emma Neale, Little Moon

Nick Williamson: “Margaret’s Roses” (poem)

Jane Stafford: O M Andresen (trans Johan Bonnevie), Johanna’s World; Warwick Blanchett, Mrs Rochester; Carol Thomas, Consequences

Peter Hawes: Chris Baker, Kokopu Dreams; Dale Elvy, First Hunter: Spirit Shinto; Shaun Hick, The Army of Five Men, vol 1; Mike Johnson, Counterpart

Paola Bilbrough: Adrienne Jansen, A Stone Seat and a Shadow Tree

Barbara Murison: Bernard Beckett, Jolt; Tessa Duder, Tiggie Tompson All at Sea; David Hill, The Name of the Game

Diane Hebley: Lynley Dodd, The Apple Tree and other stories; Scarface Claw; Vivienne Joseph and Ruth Paul, Baby Bumble and the Sock Pirates; John Walsh, Nanny Mango

Bernard Carpinter: Chad Taylor, Shirker; Graeme Lay, Temptation Island; Gian Bordin, Ultimate Dare

Tony Simpson: Margaret Clark (ed), Three Labour Leaders: Nordmeyer, Kirk, Rowling; Keith Eunson, Mirrors on the Hill: Reflections on New Zealand’s Political Leaders

Kerry Carman: Philippa Swan, Life (and death) in a Small City Garden

Phil Kawana: “Maori Literature Week”

Kirstie Archer: Peter Walker, The Fox Boy: The Story of an Abducted Child

Brian Gaynor: Colin Campbell-Hunt et al, World Famous in New Zealand

Lydia Wevers: Bee Dawson, Lady Travellers. The Tourists of Early New Zealand

Cilla McQueen: Kate Camp, Realia

Mary Macpherson: “Chiaroscuro” (poem)

Sue Court: Allan Thomas (ed), Music in New Zealand: A Reader from the 1940s

Hugh Roberts: Allen Curnow (1911-2001)


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