Issue 50 | October 2001


Issue 50 Winter 2000Volume 11 | Number 4 | Issue 50 | October 2001

Mark Amery: Roger Horrocks, Len Lye: A Biography

Janet Charman: “snowing down south” (poem)



Patricia Grace on Pinocchio

David Howard: “Now here” (poem)

Jenny Pattrick: Ann Calhoun, The Arts & Crafts Movement in New Zealand 1870-1940

Simone Drichel: Patricia Grace, Dogside Story

Louise Wrightson: Karen Anderson and Bill Manhire (eds), Spectacular Babies; Graeme Lay (ed), Boys’ Own Stories

Kim Worthington: Fiona Farrell, Light Readings

Alison Gray: Margaret Scott, Recollecting Mansfield

Laurence Jenkins: Peter Wells, Long Loop Home: A Memoir

Natasha Templeton: Amelia Batistich, Never Lost for Words: Stories and Memories

Edmund Bohan: Margot Fry, Tom’s Letters. The Private World of Thomas King, Victorian Gentleman

Alison Kirkman: Louise Deans, Whistle Blower: Abuse of Power in the Church: A New Zealand Story; Brent Sanders, How dangerous men think and how to stay safe for life; Alison Jones (ed), Touchy Subject: teachers touching children

Robert Beaglehole: Peter Davis and Toni Ashton (eds), Health and Public Policy in New Zealand

W H Oliver: Janet Wilson (ed), Intimate Stranger: Reminiscences of Dan Davin

Robert Onopa: Elizabeth Knox, Black Oxen

Pat White: Denys Trussell, Islands of Intimacy, Love Poems 1970-2000; Peter Dane, The Albatross is Dead: Sixty Sonnets; Guyon Neutze, Dark out of Darkness; G J Melling, b. 1943

Bill Sewell: Vincent O’Sullivan, Lucky Table

Stephanie de Montalk: Glenn Colquhoun, An Explanation of Poetry to my Father; Jenny Powell-Chalmers, Hats; Paula Green, Chrome

Jo Kahl: Lauris Edmond and Bill Sewell (eds), Essential New Zealand Poems

John Davidson: Ian Wedde, The Commonplace Odes

John Dickson: Alan Loney, The Falling: A Memoir

Philip Temple: Stevan Eldred-Grigg, Kaput!

Lorna Dyall: Mason Durie, Mauri Ora: the Dynamics of Maori Health

Chris Maclean: Neville Peat, Coasting: The Sea Lion and the Lark

Kai Jensen: David Howard, Shebang: Collected Poems 1980-2000

Colin James: “Independence and after” (comment)


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