Issue 49 | August 2001

Issue 49 Autumn 2000Volume 11 | Number 3 | Issue 49 | August 2001

Barry Gustafson: Michael Bassett & Michael King, Tomorrow Comes the Song. A Life of Peter Fraser



Kim Hill: Carole van Grondelle, Angel of the Anzacs: The Life of Nola Luxford

Shelagh Duckham Cox: Laurence Fearnley, Roo

Lawrence Jones: Maurice Gee, Ellie and the Shadow Man

Jo Thorpe: “The Tate Modern” (poem)

Barbara Else: Shonagh Koea, Time for a Killing

Gavin McLean: Anna Green, British Capital, Antipodean Labour: Working the New Zealand Waterfront 1915-1951

Brian Easton: Shaun Goldfinch, Remaking New Zealand and Australian Economic Policy: Ideas, Institutions, and Policy Communities

Mary Macpherson: L E Scott, Earth Colours. Selected Poems

Phil Kawana: Nick Hyde, Camilla Vanilla; Rhonda Bartle, The Gospel @ccording to Cole

Jane Tolerton: Dianne Bardsley, The Land Girls: in a man’s world; Deborah Montgomerie, The Women’s War: New Zealand Women 1939-45; Bronwyn Dalley, Living in the 20th Century: New Zealand History in Photographs 1900-1980

Heather Murray: Allen Curnow, The Bells of Saint Babel’s: Poems 1997-2001

James Brown: Allen Curnow, The Bells of Saint Babel’s: Poems 1997-2001

Rose Lovell-Smith: William Taylor, Scarface and the Angel; David Hill, Afterwards; Margaret Mahy, Twenty-Four Hours; Frances Cherry, Leon

Peter Bland: Terry Sturm (ed), Louis Johnson: Selected Poems

Peter Bland:  “A meeting in Barcelona” (poem)

Laurie Atkinson: Glyn Strange, The Little Theatre: golden years of the New Zealand stage; Rosalie Carey, A Theatre in the House: The Careys’ Globe

Colin James: Bob Catley, Waltzing with Matilda: Should New Zealand join Australia?

Susan Paris: As Fair as New Zealand to Me: New Zealand Writers in Katherine Mansfield’s Menton

Joseph Romanos: David Grant, Two Over Three on Goodtime Sugar: The New Zealand TAB turns 50

Peter Beck: Malcolm Templeton, A Wise Adventure: New Zealand and Antarctica 1920-1960

Diana Bridge: Lauris Edmond, Carnival of New Zealand Creatures; Vincent O’Sullivan, I’ll Tell You This Much; Vivienne Plumb, Avalanche; Harry Ricketts, Plunge

C K Stead: a new look at Janet Frame’s The Pocket Mirror

Hugh Laracy: Elsie Locke 1912-2001 (comment)


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