Issue 46 | December 2000


Issue 46 Winter 1999Volume 10 | Number 5 | Issue 46 | December 2000

Marion McLeod: Charlotte Randall, The Curative



Rosemary McLeod: Helen Smyth, Rocking the Cradle: Contraception, Sex and Politics in New Zealand

Joan Rosier-Jones: Barbara Else (ed), Grand Stands; Trish Gribben,  Grandparenting with Love and Laughter

John Dickson: Murray Edmond, laminations

Adrienne Simpson: Lloyd Jones, The Book of Fame

Elizabeth Smither: “A dentist’s view of heaven” (poem)

Jane Bowron: Elizabeth Knox, The High Jump: A New Zealand Childhood

John Campbell: Bob Jones, Full Circle: A Modern Morality Tale

Jane Clifton: Paul Bieleski, The Anti-Economist Papers

Peter Russell: Helga Tiscenko, Strawberries with the Führer

Tom Larkin: Roger Peren (ed), Japan and New Zealand, 150 Years

Lydia Wevers: Alan Brunton, Murray Edmond, Michele Leggott (eds), Big Smoke: New Zealand Poems 1960-1975

Reina Whaitiri: Alan Duff’s Maori Heroes; Robyn Kahukiwa & Patricia Grace, Wahine Toa. Women of Maori Myth

Paola Bilbrough: Nick Ascroft, From the Author of; Stephanie de Montalk, Animals Indoors

Lloyd Jones: Brian Phillips (ed), First Past the Post: an Anthology of New Zealand Racing Stories

Janet Wilson: Ruth Dallas, Collected Poems (2nd ed); The Black Horse and other stories

Neil Cameron: Graeme Dunstall, A Policeman’s Paradise?: Policing a Stable Society, 1918-1945, p14

Bernard Carpinter: Michael Wall, The Cassino Legacy; Cardinal Sins; Michael Riddell, Masks and Shadows; Greg Billington, Spindrift; Edmund Bohan, The Matter of Parihaka

Margo White: Stephanie Johnson, Belief; Barbara Else, Three Pretty Widows; Sarah-Kate Lynch, Finding Tom Connor

Malcolm MacLean: Bernice Mene (and Geoff Young), Mene Confessions: Tall Tales from Netball’s Inner Circle

Joe Bennett: Julia Moore, Julia Moore P.I.; Lauren Roche, Bent Not Broken

Tony Simpson: Peta Mathias, Burnt Barley; Marie Gray, Irish at Heart

David Eggleton: “Late-Model Import-Export Cultural Recycling Poem”

Emma Neale: Damien Wilkins, Nineteen Widows Under Ash

Bryan Gilling: Maurice Andrew, Set in a Long Place: A Life from North to South; Shirley Ferguson, Sorry to Bother You, Doctor; Valerie Cowan, Bridging the Centuries

Elizabeth Crayford: Cilla McQueen, Markings

Harry Ricketts interviews Kate De Goldi


Christmas supplement:

James Brown: “The Crickets”

Kim Hill: “A genius for upholstery”

Roma Potiki: “Doña Musica”

Damien Wilkins: From a work in progress

Cilla McQueen: Hello to Berlin

Catherine Chidgey: From a work in progress

Kate Camp: “Admit one”


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