Issue 44 | August 2000

Issue-44Volume 10 | Number 3 | Issue 44 | August 2000


Gregory O’Brien: Margaret Mahy, A Dissolving Ghost: Talks and Essays



Margot Schwass: Michael Morrissey (ed), The Flamingo Anthology of New Zealand Short Stories

Lorna Dyall: Derek Dow, Maori Health and Government Policy 1840-1940; Raeburn Lange, May the People Live: A History of Maori Health Development 1900-1920; Mason Durie, Whaiora: Maori Health Development

David O’Donnell: Hone Kouka (ed), Ta Matou Mangai: Three Plays of the 1990s

W H Oliver: F M Brookfield, Waitangi and Indigenous Rights: revolution, law and legitimation; Augie Fleras and Paul Spoonley, Recalling Aotearoa: indigenous politics and ethnic relations in New Zealand

Michael Peters: Rachel Barrowman, Victoria University of Wellington 1899-1999: A History

Martin Sutton: “The Fox’s Wedding” (poem)

Peter Munz: Michael Peters and Peter Roberts, University Futures and the Politics of Reform in New Zealand

Doug Munro: Vincent O’Sullivan (ed), Eminent Victorians: great teachers and scholars from Victoria’s first 100 years

Alison Gray: Caroline Daley and Deborah Montgomerie (eds), The Gendered Kiwi; Caroline Daley, Girls and Women, Men and Boys: Gender in Taradale, 1886-1930

Laurence Jenkins: John Parkyn, The Ambush; Vivienne Plumb, The Diary as a Positive in Female Adult Behaviour; Jeanne Bernhardt, baby, is this wonderland?

Heather Murray: Marilyn Duckworth, Camping on the Faultline: A Memoir

Ann Palmer:  “The last quarrel” (poem)

Bill Sewell: Grahame Sydney and contributors, The Art of Grahame Sydney

Sally Sutton: Catherine Chidgey, Golden Deeds

Janet Hughes: Bronwyn Tate, Russian Dolls; Adrienne Jansen, Spirit Writing

Russell Walden: Ian Lochhead, A Dream of Spires: Benjamin Mountfort and the Gothic Revival

Nicholas Reid: Lloyd Geering, The World to Come – From Christian Past to Global Future

Anne French: Harold Kidd, Robin Elliott and David Pardon, Southern Breeze: a history of yachting in New Zealand; Tessa Duder (ed), Salt beneath the skin: Seafaring Kiwis tell their stories

Elizabeth Caffin: Jane Westaway, Good at Geography; Paddy Richardson, The Company of a Daughter; Judith White, Across the Dreaming Night

Les Cleveland: Glyn Harper, Massacre at Passchendaele: the New Zealand Story; Chrissie Ward (ed), Dear Lizzie: A Kiwi Soldier Writes from the Battlefields of World War One; Greg Kerr, Private Wars: Personal Records of the Anzacs in the Great War; Roger Smith, Up the Blue: A Kiwi Private’s View of the Second World War; John Crawford (ed), Kia Kaha: New Zealand in the Second World War

Judith Holloway: Kate De Goldi, Closed, Stranger; Helen Beaglehole, hanging on letting go; Jack Lasenby, The Shaman and the Droll; Elizabeth Benney, Reaching Summit Peak

Cyril Childs: Glenn Colquhoun, The Art of Walking Upright

“Imprints”: Owen Marshall on Sherlock Holmes


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