Issue 43 | June 2000

Issue-43Volume 10 | Number 2 | Issue 43 | June 2000


Otto Heim: Alan Duff, Out of the Mist and Steam: A Memoir

Imprints: Margaret Mahy on Eden Phillpotts’ The Flint Heart

Diane Hebley: Gavin Bishop, The House that Jack Built; Lynley Dodd, Hairy Maclary and Zachary Quack; David Elliot, Sydney and the Sea Monster; Richard and Pamela Wolfe, Mouse Opera

Linda Burgess: Barbara Anderson, Long Hot Summer

Sue McCauley: Barbara Ewing, A Dangerous Vine

Stevan Eldred-Grigg: Shonagh Koea, The Best of Shonagh Koea’s Short Stories

James Norcliffe: “made objects” (poem)

William Broughton: Antonella Sarti, Spiritcarvers: interviews with eighteen writers from New Zealand

Norman Bilbrough: Russell Haley, All Done With Mirrors

Jane Clendon: Joanne Drayton, Edith Collier: Her Life and Work 1885-1964

Ginette MacDonald: Davina Whitehouse, Davina: An Acting Life

Marilyn Waring: Jane Kelsey, Reclaiming the Future: New Zealand and the Global Economy

Neville Peat: Chris Maclean, Kapiti

Gavin McLean: Gerry Evans, Where Giants Dwell: a Sailor’s Tale

“Aha – data reduction!” James BrownJames Brown interviews Bill Manhire

Stuart Murray: Bill Manhire, Doubtful Sounds: Essays and Interviews

Cilla McQueen: James Brown, Lemon; Gregory O’Brien, Winter I Was

Kim Worthington: Fiona Farrell, The Inhabited Initial; Michele Leggott, as far as I can see

David Eggleton: Matthew Bannister, Positively George Street: a personal history of Sneaky Feelings and the Dunedin Sound

John Allison: Stephen Oliver, Unmanned; Pat White, Drought and other intimacies; Harvey McQueen, Pingandy

Jan Hutchison: “Weather in August” (poem)

David Grant: Josh Kronfeld with Brian Turner, On the Loose

Vincent O’Sullivan: Geoffrey Cox, Eyewitness: A Memoir of Europe in the 1930s

Dianne Pettis: Christine Johnston, The End of the Century and other stories; W P Hearst, Inca Girls Aren’t Easy

Jim Collinge: Margaret Clark (ed), The Roberts Report

Lydia Wevers: Bill Sewell, Erebus: a poem

Michael Peters: “Derrida Downunder” (comment)

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