Poem – Frankie McMillan

Big Boy has something to say

When I came into the room this morning, group,
I felt like running away, honest to God, I did.
Group, I have something to say. Now I don’t
want anyone getting upset. That’s the last thing
I want. It’s not my intention to upset anyone.
Is everybody comfortable, because, group,
this is very hard for me. I have lustful
feelings towards someone in this group.
Which is very disappointing for me
because of my beliefs. That person is
unaware – well I hope they are unaware –
because, group, there is no way I can break
my beliefs. Unless I get married; but, group,
the person I’m thinking of, that I can’t
tell you about, is already married. So now
you get some understanding of my situation, group,
It’s very worrying for me and I am physically
drained by it. That’s why I haven’t shaved, group.

Group, I can see some of you have been affected
by what I’ve just said. Some of you women are  eaning
forward in your chairs and getting a bit excited?
I hope no one has been offended by what I’ve said.
The last thing in the world I want is to offend anyone.
Unless of course they’re wrong. And, group, there 
are some people who are wrong, but they’re not 
 n this group.
You are all my friends. But to get to the point of the  atter
I have been deeply affected by my lustful feelings. 
  thought I
had them beaten but they have loomed up twice 
 s large, group.
I had them down to this size, but they have grown. 
 ome of you
might have noticed this. But I have not, I repeat, not  een
in my right mind. Now if anyone wants me to 
 eave the group
over this matter I will. Just tell me, group. And 
 f you think
it’s you I’m talking about, you can ask me after 
 iggie break.

Frankie McMillan

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