Issue 40 | October 1999

IMG-40Volume 9 | Number 4 | Issue 40 | October 1999


John Campbell: Michael Laws, Dancing with Beelzebub



Brian Easton: S McMillan, B Ramasamy & F Holmes, APEC in Focus

Ruth Butterworth: Elizabeth McLeay (ed), New Zealand Politics and Social Patterns: Selected Works by Robert Chapman

David Hill: Fleur Beale, Playing to Win; Bernard Beckett, Lester; Tessa Duder, The Tiggie Tompson Show; Tania Kelly Roxborogh, Compulsion

Paul Wolffram: “A Gift to Shostakovich” (poem)

Robert Buchanan: Bryan Gilling, The Ombudsman in New Zealand

Chris Prentice: Robin Hyde (ed Michele Leggott), The Book of Nadath

Harry Ricketts: Louis Johnson, The Perfect Symbol: Poems Unpublished & Uncollected

Angela Ballara: Ken S Coates & P G McHugh (eds), Living Relationships: Kokiri Ngatahi. The Treaty of Waitangi in the New Millennium; Alan Ward, An Unsettled History

Mary Macpherson: John B Turner, Eric Lee-Johnson. Artist with a Camera

James Ritchie: Robert Sullivan, Star Waka

Anne French: “At Coldrum Long Barrow” (poem)

Roger Hall: Megan Hutching, Long Journey for Sevenpence. Assisted Immigration to New Zealand from the United Kingdom, 1947-1975

Russell Marshall: Malcolm Templeton, Human Rights and Sporting Contacts: New Zealand Attitudes to Race Relations in South Africa 1921-1994; Trevor Richards, Dancing on our Bones: New Zealand, South Africa, Rugby and Racism

Philip Temple: Edmund Hillary, View From The Summit

Stephanie Johnson: Emily Perkins (ed), The Picnic Virgin

Catharina van Bohemen: Charlotte Grimshaw, Provocation

John O’Connor: Geoff Cochrane, Into India; Diana Bridge, The Girls on the Wall

Jim Collinge: Noeline Alcorn, To the Fullest Extent of His Powers: C E Beeby’s Life in Education

Tom Larkin: Rod Nye, Martin Donnelly

Paul Dalziel: Bruce Jesson, Only Their Purpose is Mad

Bill Sewell: “Apportioning the Blame” (poem)

Jane Kelsey: Jonathan Boston, Paul Dalziel, Susan St John (eds), Redesigning the Welfare State in New Zealand: Problems, Policies, Prospects; Anne Else & Susan St John, A Super Future? The Price of Growing Older in New Zealand

Fujio Kano and Duncan Campbell: Mike Nicolaidi, The Featherston Chronicles: A Legacy of War

Lois Daish: Tony Simpson, A Distant Feast. The Origins of New Zealand’s Cuisine

Jim Traue: “Managerialist medicine” (comment)

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