Issue 39 | August 1999


Volume 9 | Number 3 | Issue 39 | August 1999


Ralph Crane: Maurice Shadbolt, From the Edge of the Sky: A Memoir; James McNeish, An Albatross Too Many


Ian Richards: O E Middleton, The Big Room and Other Stories; Maurice Shadbolt, Selected Stories

Miranda Johnson: “Letter for a mayor” (poem)

Jane Westaway: William Brandt, Alpha Male

Janet Hughes: Virginia Were, Jump Start; Janet Charman, Rapunzel Rapunzel

Alison Gray: Bronwyn Dalley, Family Matters: Child Welfare in Twentieth-Century New Zealand

Les Cleveland: Bruce Connew, On the Way to an Ambush

Martin Sutton: James Bade (ed), Out of the Shadow of War: The German Connection with New Zealand in the Twentieth Century

Patrick Evans: Owen Marshall, Harlequin Rex

A K Grant: Harry Orsman (ed), A Dictionary of Modern New Zealand Slang

Paola Bilbrough: Mary Macpherson, The Inland Eye; Johanna Aitcheson, Oh My God I’m Flying; Jan Hutchison, The Long Sleep Is Over; Glenda Fawkes, A talent for flight

Paul Millar interviews Albert Wendt

Dennis McEldowney: The Best of Albert Wendt’s Short Stories

Michael Harlow: Alan Loney, Sidetracks; Vivienne Plumb, Salamanca; Jenny Powell-Chalmers, Sweet Banana Wax Peppers

Kim Worthington: Kapka Kassabova, Dismemberment; Reconnaissance

David Eggleton: Elizabeth Wood-Ellem, Queen Salote of Tonga

Philip Temple: “Colours at sixty” (poem)

Laurence Jenkins: Sue Fitchett, Marewa Glover, Cary McDermott, Rhona Vickoce (eds), Eat These Sweet Words. The New Zealand Anthology of Lesbian and Gay Poetry; Jonathan Fisher (ed), When Two Men Embrace. The New Zealand Anthology of Gay and Lesbian Poetry

Rob Jackaman: James K Baxter (ed Paul Millar), Beyond the Palisade; Autumn Testament

Susan Budd: Diane Brown, if the tongue fits

Juliet Rowe: Barbara Else, Eating Peacocks

Ron Smith: James Rolfe, The Armed Forces of New Zealand

Harry Ricketts: “Dissolution” (poem)

Phillip Mann: Chris Else, Brainjoy

Tony Simpson: “Like lambs …” (comment)

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