Editorial – Issue 29

All our own words

Carnie, cask wine, cabbage tree, camp oven, canary (no, not the bird), Captain Cooker, CHE, chillybin, Chinese gooseberry, Cobb and Co, cockabully, coconut (no, not the fruit), colonial goose, continuance (as in national continuance), coprosma, corner dairy, Corso, cow cockie, crib (as in bach), crutch (as in what you do to sheep) and cuz (as in bro) — take your pick of our words gathered compendiously into Harry Orsman’s grand Oxford Dictionary of New Zealand English.

We will, of course, be reviewing this sacred tome, launched vice-majestically on 17 July.

Next issue watch out for a focus on the economy, with reviewers from three sides of the opinion triangle, some politics, folk art, Michael Morrissey’s new novel Sharply assessed, Neville Bennett on (weak) jokes, Diane Hebley on young adult fiction, Paul Hoffmann, various religions, steam engines, health, architecture, sport, the stock exchange, the environment and a letter from Australia.

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