Issue 23 | June 1996

Issue 23Volume 6 | Number 2 | Issue 23 | June 1996

Letters, June 1996

Steve Maharey: Luke Trainer (ed), Republicanism in New Zealand

Colin Knox: Graham Bush, Local Government and Politics in New Zealand

Brian Easton: David G Green, From Welfare State to Civil Society: Towards Welfare that Works in New Zealand

Tom Berthold: Judith Davey (ed), Social Assessment and Central Government

Bill Southworth: Paul Smith, Revolution in the Air!; Judy McGregor (ed), Dangerous Democracy? News Media Politics in New Zealand

Tom Beard: Bill Manhire, Sheet Music: Poems 1957-1982; and My Sunshine

Vincent O’Sullivan: The Grieving Process (a poem)

Hubert Witheford: Snapshot 1938 (a poem)

Jan Hutchison: Waving from the Train (a poem)

Heather Murray: Jan Pilditch (ed), The Critical Response to Katherine Mansfield; Gillian Boddy, Katherine Mansfield: A “Do You Remember” Life, Four Stories with an Illustrated Introduction

Lauris Edmond: Kai Jensen, Whole Men; Mac Jackson (ed), ARD Fairburn: Selected Poems; Bill Manhire (ed), Denis Glover Selected Poems

Ruth Brown: Contextualising Maori writing (comment)

Judith Holloway: Jennifer Beck, illustrated by Robyn Belton, The Bantam and the Soldier

Alan Loney: Twenty-five Bindings, designed by Edgar Mansfield, realised by James Brockman

Phillip Mann: Vivienne Plumb, Love Knots; Lorae Parry, Front Women; and Cracks; Cathy Downes, The Case of Katherine Mansfield; Jean Betts and W Shakespeare, Ophelia Thinks Harder

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