Poem — Anne French

Boys’ night out

And they ask each other the questions

none of them has an answer for, like

“Why did she fall for me in the first place

if all she wants to do is change me now?”

it’s not that simple


But when it’s all over is the time

girls enjoy. They can be best friends then:

sympathise fully (cross your fingers),

analyse everything and attribute Causes.

it was never that simple


But does anyone here know why the white

picket fence is not the answer? Why it makes

us panicky and shrill, thinking we need things

like settling down together, kids, lawns

when we could so easily make do with nothing at all


and why it makes such innocent puzzled

baffled frustrated devious charmers

of them all, drinking and talking their way

through to perfect clarity on the matter?

and a full grasp of the easy answer



Anne French

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