Issue 18 | June 1995

Issue 18Volume 5 | Number 2 | Issue 18 | June 1995


David Britain: Donn Bayard, Kiwitalk: Sociolinguistics and New Zealand Society

Janet Holmes: ‘Hosing, hedging and hornets’ nests: linguistics and social responsibility’ – excerpts from her professorial inaugural address

Barbara Mabbett: Derek Wallace and Janet Hughes, Style Book: a guide for New Zealand writers and editors

Anne Else: One of us (comment)

Bill Oliver: Margaret Wilson and Anna Yeatman (eds), Justice and Identity: Antipodean Practices

Nicholas Reid: Elizabeth Isichei: A History of Christianity in Africa

John Halligan: Jonathan Boston (ed): The State under Contract

Jane Stafford: Francesca Holloway, A Working Mother’s Handbook: A New Zealand Guide for Expectant and New Mothers; Averill Richardson, Improving the Odds: The Remarriage Gamble – a Woman’s Guide; Maureen McDonough and James Rutherford, Women Call, Men Respond: Secrets of Passion and Pleasure

Lydia Wevers: (Literary journals) Sport 12, 13, 14; Landfall 186, 187, 188; Printout 8; Meanjin 4/1994, 1/1995

Iain Sharp: Natasha Templeton, Firebird

Bill Sewell: David Herkt, The Body of Man; John Dolan, Stuck up; Claire Matthewson, Retaining Wall

Elizabeth Smither, ‘After intimate talk’ (a poem)

Leonard Lambert, ‘Me & You, Mills & Boon’ (a poem)

Neville Bennett: R M McDowall, Gamekeepers for the Nation: The Story of New Zealand’s Acclimatisation Societies, 1861-1990

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