Issue 19 | August 1995

IMG-19Volume 5 | Number 3 | Issue 19 | August 1995

Editorial, August 1995

Letters – August 1995

Les Cleveland: Rod Eder, Deep Jay: Kiwis at War in Vietnam; Vincent Orange, Ensor’s Endeavour; John Crawford, North From Taranto: New Zealand and the Liberation of Italy; Christopher Pugsley, ANZAC: The New Zealanders At Gallipoli

Robin Williams: Not a head start (comment)

Václav Havel: ‘The responsibility of intellectuals’ (text of speech by President of Czech Republic)

Andrew Ladley: Elizabeth McLeay, The Cabinet and Political Power in New Zealand

Nigel Roberts: Jack Vowles, Peter Almer, Helena Catt, Jim Lamare and Raymond Miller, Towards Consensus? The 1993 General Election in New Zealand and the Transition to Proportional Representation

Neville Bennett: ‘Truculent non-globalisers’ (comment)

Peter Hilt: Ian T Clarke, Deodar – Search and Rescue or Law Enforcement

David Grant: Len Richardson, Coal Class and Community: The United Mineworkers of New Zealand 1880-1960

Jane Stafford: Fiona Kidman, Palm Prints; Dennis McEldowney, Then and There: a Seventies Diary; Phoebe Meikle, Accidental Life; Mona Williams, Bishops: My Turbulent Colonial Youth

Harry Ricketts: Martin Crowe, Out On A Limb; Joseph Romanos, Tortured Genius

Antonius Papaspiropoulos: Bob Riley, Kiwi Ingenuity – A Book of New Zealand Ideas and inventions

Sharon Crosbie: Heather Busch, Burton Silver, Why Cats Paint: a theory of feline aesthetics

Diana Bridge: ‘An offshore voice’ (edited version of talk)

Bill Sewell: Alan Loney, The eraser tapes

Fiona Kidman, Light gathers (a poem)

John Allison, The Blind Musician (a poem)

Heather Murray: Peter Hawes, Tasman’s Lay; Geoff Cochrane, Tin Nimbus; Barbara Else, The Warrior Queen; Elizabeth Sheppard, Remains of a Family

Judith Holloway: Maurice Gee, The Fat Man (interview)

Elizabeth Smither: ‘Four journals’ (comment)

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