Issue 14 Winter II 1994

Issue 14Issue 14  Winter 1994


Nicholas Reid: Lloyd Geering, Tomorrow’s God

Feature essays: J K Baxter retrospective

Fleur Adcock: ‘Wielding the jawbone of an ass’

Tom Beard: ‘More than the myth he became’

Bill Oliver:  ‘The virtue of defeat’

Tessa Barringer: Gina Mercer, Janet Frame: Subversive Fictions

Elizabeth Webby: Journal of New Zealand Literature, Janet Frame Issue

Kendrick Smithyman: C K Stead, The Singing Whakapapa

Heather Murray: Cliff Taylor, The Freedom Junkies; Simon Wilson, The Age of Light; Sally Marshall, The Claim; Nepi Solomon, Jubilee

Norman Bilbrough: Ken Catran, Focus and the Death-Ride, The Ghosts of Triton, and Shadow of Phobos

Sir Geoffrey Palmer: Andrew Sharp (ed), Leap into the Dark – The Changing Role of the State in New Zealand since 1984

Donal Curtin:  Sir Frank Holmes, A New Approach to Central Banking: the New Zealand experiment and comparisons with Australia

Michael Morrissey: ‘A Rare Breed’ (essay)

Ron Macintyre: Malcolm Templeton, Ties of Blood and Empire: New Zealand involvement in Middle East Defence and the Suez Crisis 1947-57

Peter Tremewan: Harry C Evison, Te Wai Pounamu, the Greenstone Island: A History of the Southern Maori during the European Colonisation of New Zealand

Christine Tremewan: Atholl Anderson (ed), Traditional Lifeways of the Southern Maori, by James Herries Beattie

John McBeth: Peter Arnett, Live from the Battlefield

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