Issue 12 | March 1994


Volume 3 | Number 4 | Issue 12 | March 1994

Editorial Colin James: “Short and suite”


Lydia Wevers: Patricia Grace, The Sky People and Other Stories; Owen Marshall, The Ace of Diamonds Gang and Other Stories; Fiona Kidman, The Foreign Woman; Stephanie Johnson, All the Tenderness Left in the World; Kate Flannery, Like You, Really.

Roger Robinson: C K Stead, The Faber Book of Contemporary South Pacific Stories.

Colleen Reilly: Kate Flannery, Like You, Really; Vivienne Plumb, The Wife Who Spoke Japanese in her Sleep; Elspeth Sandys, Best Friends; Stephanie Johnson, All the Tenderness Left in the World.

Rod McGregor: Damien Wilkins, The Miserables.

Kathryn Walls: Tom Bradley, Baker’s Dozen; Pauline Cartwright, Saved by Ryan Kane; Ken Catran, The Secret of Boomer Lake; Dorothy Butler, The Breakdown Day.

Tom Beard: Lauris Edmond, Scenes from a Small City.

Julie Leibrich: “The Jug” (a poem).

Anne French: Elizabeth Alley, The Inward Sun: Celebrating the Life and Work of Janet Frame.

Children’s literature award: Betty Gilderdale, 1994 Margaret Mahy Lecture Award.

Tom Brooking: Barrie Macdonald, Imperial Patriot: Charles Alma Baker and the History of Limestone Downs

Barbara Brookes: Sandra Coney, Standing in the Sunshine: A history of New Zealand Women Since They Won the Vote.

Stephen Levine: Raymond Miller and Helena Catt, Season of Discontent: By-elections and the Bolger Government.

Brian Easton:  Gary Hawke, David Robinson (eds), Performance Without Profit: The Voluntary Welfare Sector in New Zealand; Claudia Scott, Women and Taxation; Judith Davey, From Birth to Death III.

Jane Stafford: “Punditry and punchups: Writers and Readers Week at the Wellington Festival”

Margaret Mahy: “Part of the democratic pantomime: 1993 Shelley Lecture”.

John Roberts: Jane Campion (dir), The Piano



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