Issue 10 | Spring 1993


Issue 10 Spring 1993Volume 3 | Number 2 | Issue 10 | Spring 1993

Paula Wagemaker: “Celebrating the Past, Challenging the Future”


Margot Roth: Anne Else (ed), Women Together: A History of Women’s Organisations – Nga Ropu Wahine o te Motu

Margaret Lovell-Smith: Bronwyn Labrum, Women’s History: A Short Guide to Researching and Writing Women’s History in New Zealand; Barbara Sampson, Women of Spirit; Rosemarie Smith, The Ladies Are At It Again! Gore Debates the Women’s Franchise

Maureen Molloy: Charlotte Macdonald, The Vote, the Pill and the Demon Drink: A History of Feminist Writing in New Zealand

Ruth Fry: Beryl Hughes and Sheila Ahern, Redbrick and Bluestockings: Women at Victoria 1899-1993

Rachel Lawson: “Shaping the Women’s Book Festival for a future” (comment)

Kathryn Walls: Cathie Dunsford, Me and Marilyn Monroe

Rebecca Simpson: Renée, Daisy and Lily

Brett Mason: Apirana Taylor, He Tangi Aroha: A Cry for Love; Noel Virtue, The Eye of the Everlasting Angel

The Monday Book Group: Gaelyn Gordon, Last Summer

Jane Parkin: Marilyn Duckworth, Seeing Red; Shonagh Koea, Fifteen Rubies by Candlelight

Stephanie Edmond: Beryl Fletcher, The Iron Mouth

Patricia Glensor: Elspeth Sandys, Best Friends; Shena Mackay, Dunedin

Gavin McLean: Ken Gunn, Massacre Bay: A 19th Century Saga of Colonial Life

David Clarke: Megan Hutching, Talking History: A Short Guide to Oral History

Laura Kroetsch: Ruth and Oz Kraus (eds), Other Voices 3: Lifestories

Jane Stafford: Vincent O’Sullivan and Margaret Scott (eds), The Collected Letters of Katherine Mansfield: Volume 3, 1919-1920

Marivee McMath: C Briar, R Munford and M Nash (eds), Superwoman: Where are you? Social Policy and Women’s Experience

Ruth Butterworth: Elisabeth McDonald and Graeme Austin (eds), Claiming the Law: Essays by New Zealand Women in Celebration of the 1993 Suffrage Centennial

Naomi Diachuk: Arthur Baysting, Dyan Campbell and Margaret Dagg (eds), Making Policy, Not Tea: Women in Parliament

Brenda Cutress: Carol Rankin, Women and Parliament 1893-1993: 100 Years of Institutional Change

Philip Clarke: Stephen Rainbow, Green Politics; P Ali Memon and Harvey C Perkins (eds), Environmental Planning in New Zealand

Roger Robinson: Peter Heidenstrom, Athletes of the Century: 100 Years of New Zealand Track and Field

Anna Rogers: Mary Mountier: Racing Women of New Zealand

Tim Mapplebeck: Tessa Duder, Songs for Alex

Marny Bradley: Tessa Duder (ed), Nearly Seventeen: New Zealand Stories

Jenny Buist: Fleur Beale, Against the Tide; Jacqui Sutton Beets, A Time to Choose

Anne Else: Paula Boock, Sasscat to Win

Kay Harrison: Margaret Hall, Swag and Tucker; Elsie Locke, The Runaway Settlers

Trevor Agnew: Ken Catran, Deepwater Landing

Barbara Murison: Tom Bradley, Johnny Whistler and the Royal Ruby Circus, and Johnny Whistler and the Whizzbang Tandem Race

Pat Quinn: Philip Temple and Chris Gaskin, Moa: The Story of a Fabulous Bird; Mary Taylor, Old Blue: The Rarest Bird in the World

Harry Ricketts: Kathleen Gallagher, Gipsy: A Fictional Sequence of Poems

Juliet Raven: Hone Tuwhare, Deep River Talk: Collected Poems

Rachel Bush: Vivienne Plumb and Paola Bilbrough (eds), Sevensome

Peter Crisp: Ian Wedde, The Drummer

Heidi Van de Veire: Damien Wilkins, The Idles

Gavin McLean: Dave Gunson, A Guide to the New Zealand Seashore; Jill Sturgin, Gardening with Containers; Julian Matthews, Favourite Native Plants for the New Zealand Home Garden; Jim Hay, Homespun Spirits



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