Issue 7 | December 1992


Issue 7 – 1992

Volume 2 | Number 3 | Issue 7 | December 1992

Editorial Andrew Mason: “The Challenge Continues”


15 writers: “You must read this”: Best books (comment)

Keri Hulme: John Puhiatau Pule, The Shark that Ate the Sun (Ko a Mago ne Kal a fa).

Elizabeth Caffin: Patricia Grace, Cousins.

Bernadette Hall: Fiona Farrell, The Skinny Louie Book.

Damien Wilkins: C K Stead, The End of the Century at the End of the World.

Iain Sharp: Shonagh Koea, Staying Home and Being Rotten; Marilyn Duckworth, Unlawful Entry.

Ruth Brown: Alan Duff, One Night Out Stealing.

Chris Else: Albert Wendt, Black Rainbow; Michael Morrissey, Octavio’s Last Invention.

James Norcliffe: Chris Else, Why Things Fall; Elspeth Sandys, Love and War; Colleen Reilly, Jim’s Elvis.

Ian Richards: Vincent O’Sullivan (ed), The Oxford Book of New Zealand Short Stories.

Michael Gifkins: Martin Edmond, The Autobiography of My Father.

Patricia Sargison: Judith Devaliant, Kate Sheppard: A Biography. The fight for womens votes in New Zealand: the life of the woman who led the struggle.

William Broughton: Lauris Edmond, The Quick World, Autobiography Volume 3.

Jock Phillips: Jane Tolerton, Ettie: A Life of Ettie Rout.

Ann Beaglehole: Eva Hayman, By the Moon and the Stars; Halina Ogonowska-Coates, Krystyna’s Story.

George Griffiths: W H Oliver (ed), A People’s History: Illustrated Biographies from the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, Volume One, 1769-1869.

Dale Williams: Joan Wiffen, Valley of the Dinosaurs: The Story of New Zealand’s Dinosaur Woman; Neil Begg, The Intervening Years; Michael Burns, Cobber Kain, The Story of a New Zealand Flying Hero.

Shelagh Duckham Cox: David McLoughlin, Undeveloping Nation: New Zealand’s Twenty Year Fall Towards the Third World; Jonathan Boston and Paul Dalziel (eds) The Decent Society. Essays In Response to National’s Economic and Social Policies; John Decks and Nick Perry (eds) Controlling Interests: Business, the State and Society in New Zealand; Graham Oddie and Roy Perrett (eds) Justice, Ethics and New Zealand Society.

Colin James: Geoffrey Palmer, New Zealand’s Constitution in Crisis: Reforming Our Political System; Martin Holland (ed), Electoral Behaviour In New Zealand; Hyam Gold (ed), New Zealand Politics in Perspective (3rd Edition).

David Young: Elsie Locke, Peace People.

K R Howe: Paul Theroux, The Happy Isles of Oceania: Paddling the Pacific.

Tony Collins: David Butler and Don Merton, The Black Robin: Saving the World’s Most Endangered Bird.

Alan Mark: Nic Bishop, Natural History of New Zealand.

Dale Williams: Patrick Dale, A Houseful of Strangers; I A Hood, An Illustrated Guide to Fungi on Wood In New Zealand; Olive Dunn, Delights of Cottage Gardening in New Zealand.

Dale Williams: Diggeress Te Kanawa, Weaving a Kakahu.

Lynley Hood: Staying alive: the house of McIndoe

Iain Sharp: “Letter from Auckland: Throttle, stab, shoot and loot” (comment)

Celia Dunlop: (Lists best books for children by age-group) “Christmas Crackers”.

Jane Clendon: Leonard Bell, Colonial Constructs: European Images of Maori 1840-1914.

Gavin McLean: Peter Spiller, The Chapman Legal Family; Julia Millen, Over the Top with the Best of Luck: the Making of a New Zealander – Roy Gipson Millen, 1890-1962; M P K Sorrenson, Manifest Duty: the Polynesian Society over 100 Years.

Gavin McLean: Ben Finney, From Sea to Space.

Andrew Mason: Jock Phillips, Brief Encounter; Denys Bevan, United States Forces in New Zealand 1942-45; Harry Bioletti, The Yanks Are Coming.

Gavin McLean: G A Wood, Studying New Zealand History.

Jane Hurley: Elizabeth Alley and Mark Williams (eds), In the Same Room: Conversations with New Zealand Writers; Robert Neale (ed), Writers on Writing: An Anthology.

Nelson Wattie: J S C Dumont-d’Urville, (tr. by Carol Legge), The New Zealanders: A Story of Austral Lands.



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