Issue 5 | June 1992


Issue 5 Winter 1992Volume 2 | Number 1 | Issue 5 | June 1992

Editorial, June 1992  J M Thomson: “The longevity of books”

Letters, issue 5

Bernard Kernot: Anne Salmond, Two Worlds: first meetings between Maori and Europeans 1642-1772.

K R Howe: W H Oliver, Claims to the Waitangi Tribunal; William Renwick (ed), Sovereignty and indigenous rights: The Treaty of Waitangi in international contexts.

Peter Munz: The New Zealand Journal of History, Vol. 25, No2, 1991

Harry Orsman: Tony Simpson, Shame and Disgrace: A History of Lost Scandals in New Zealand; Don Donovan, Open 7 Days: a celebration of the New Zealand general store.

Rory Sweetman: R C J Stone, The Making of Russell McVeagh; Julia Millen, The Story of Bell Gully Buddle Weir 1840-1990.

Gavin McLean: Duncan Mackay, Working the Kauri; Kaaren Hiyama, High Hopes in Hard Times; Frank Rogers, Archives New Zealand 3; NOHANZ, Oral History in New Zealand Vol 3; Sally Fodie, Waitemata Ferry Tales.

Peter Beatson: Michael King (ed), Pakeha: The Quest For Identity in New Zealand.

Adrienne Simpson: Jonathan Eisen, Katherine Joyce Smith (eds), Strangers in Paradise.

Rosemary du Plessis: Helen May, Minding Children: Managing Men: Conflict and Compromise in the Lives of Postwar Pakeha Women.

Rory Sweetman: Allan Davidson, Christianity in Aotearoa: A History of Church and Society in New Zealand.

Ron Palenski: “The richness of New Zealand sports writing” (comment).

Erick Brenstrum: Albert Wendt, Ola.

Charles Croot: Bill Manhire (ed), Soho Square IV; Andrew Mason (ed), Vital Writing 2, New Zealand Stories and Poems 1990-1.

Jane Parkin: Barbara Anderson, Portrait of the Artist’s Wife

Anne French: Sue McCauley and Richard McLauchlan (eds), Erotic Writing: A New Zealand Collection; Peter Sinclair, The Frontman: a Telethon.

Sarah Sandley: Lloyd Jones, Swimming to Australia; John Cranna, Arena.

Lawrence Jones: Catherine Delahunty, Past Light; Peter Wells, Dangerous Desires; Ian Richards, Everyday Life in Paradise.

Janet Wilson: Fiona Kidman, Wakeful Nights: Poems Selected and New; Lauris Edmond, New and Selected Poems; Fleur Adcock, Time Zones.

Max Anderson: David Howard, In the First Place; Alan Brunton, Slow Passes; Rob Allan, Karitane Postcards; Graham Lindsay, Return to the Earth; Mike Minehan, Embracing the Dark.

Charles Croot: Murray Edmond, From The Word Go; Dinah Hawken, Small Stories of Devotion.

Michael Harlow: “No problem, but not easy” (poem).

Kevin Ireland: Geoff Walker of Penguin Books

Alison Parr: Glenn Busch, You Are My Darling Zita.

John Roberts: The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography, Volume One, 1769-1869.

J M Thomson: Lady Barker, Station Life in New Zealand; R S Gormack, Diary for 1942-3. 

Tony Bellette: Gerald Barnett, Toss Woollaston: An Illustrated Biography.

Gavin McLean: James McNeish, The Man From Nowhere and other Prose; Vince Scully, Poles Apart With Northanger.

Vincent O’Sullivan: “Figures in history: the sculpture of Tony Stones” (comment).

Alison Glenny: Vincent Ward (with Alison Carter, Geoff Chapple and Louis Nowra), Edge of The Earth; Stories and Images from the Antipodes.

John Roberts: Ian Mune (dir), The End of the Golden Weather.

Phillip Mann: Leon Narbey (dir), Chunuk Bair.

Russell Campbell: “Keeping up with the New Zealand film industry” (comment).

Roger Flury: Adrienne Simpson and Peter Downes, Southern Voices; international singers of New Zealand.

Tony Bellette: Exhibition 1991/2: Toss Woollaston: A Retrospective.

J M Thomson: National Library, Eileen Mayo, Painter/ Designer; Les Cleveland, The Great New Zealand Songbook; Mike Harding, When the Pakeha Sings of Home – A Source Guide to The Folk and Popular Songs of New Zealand; Ross Harvey, Music at National Archives: sources for the study of music in New Zealand; John M Jennings, Music at Canterbury – A Centennial History of the School of Music, University of Canterbury, Christchurch 1891-1991; Philip Norman, Bibliography of New Zealand Compositions, Third Edition (-1991); Harrison Bray, Tomasi: For Islands Far Away.

Erik Olssen: Rachel Barrowman, A Popular Vision: The Arts and the Left in New Zealand 1930-1950.

Fiona Kidman: “1992’s reviewer of the year and the best review pages” (comment)

Julia Williams: Trisha Dixon, Garden Design and Style: the essence of the garden.

Gavin McLean: Gillian Polson, New Zealand Kitchen Herbs for Health.

J M Thomson: Chris Gaskin, Neville Peat, Kim Westerskov, The World of Albatrosses and The World of Penguins.

Gavin McLean: Richard Rudman, A Guide to Employment Contracts.

Gavin McLean: John Patterson, Exploring Maori Values.

Gavin McLean: Jim Tucker (ed), Kiwi Journalist.

Tom Fitzgibbon: Philip Temple and Chris Gaskin, The Story of the Kakapo: Parrot of the night; Rhondda Greig, Matarawa House.

Vivien Joseph: Jack Lasenby, Uncle Trev and The Great South Island Plan; Juliet Martin, Does Daniel Wilmott Tell Lies?; Anthony Holcroft, The Boy At The Door and Other Stories of the Supernatural.

Nicola Chilton: Dianne Lowry and Jan van der Voo, Food is Fun for Young Cooks, Book 2.


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