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Independence and after, Colin James

“Nothing is more important to a country,” one-time Australian Treasurer and Prime Minister Paul Keating told the Knowledge Wave conference in August, “than the way it thinks about itself.” Right now, this country, barely a nation, thinks it is small, far-away

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Risky business, Alison Kirkman

Whistle Blower: Abuse of Power in the Church: A New Zealand Story Louise Deans Tandem Press, $24.95, ISBN 1877178780 How dangerous men think and how to stay safe for life Brent Sanders Random House Australia, $24.95, ISBN 0091842093 Touchy Subject:

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Better than cure, Robert Beaglehole

Health and Public Policy in New Zealand  ed Peter Davis and Toni Ashton Oxford University Press, $55.00, ISBN 0195584171 This thoughtful and stimulating book, edited by two of New Zealand’s foremost scholars of health policy, deserves a wide audience both

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Passionate Victorians, Edmund Bohan

Tom’s Letters. The Private World of Thomas King, Victorian Gentleman Margot Fry Victoria University Press, $39.95, ISBN 0864733917 One of many challenges facing the biographer of 19th Century New Zealanders can be the lack of intimate letters or diaries. The vagaries

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Poems in the classroom, Jo Kahl

Essential New Zealand Poems ed Lauris Edmond and Bill Sewell Godwit, $29.95, ISBN 1869620879 Why is it that fictional teachers are always teachers of English? How many times do you see on television or at the movies teachers attempting to

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A gift worth unwrapping, John Dickson

The Falling: A Memoir Alan Loney Auckland University Press, $29.95, ISBN 1869402502 The simplest way to begin unwrapping the gift of this book is to start with the title: The Falling: A Memoir.  Notice the first word, the definite article:

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Editorial — Issue 50

No, not sour grapes   People will always bitch about literary awards, and  literary awards will always seem inherently unfair. This year’s Montana New Zealand Book Awards will have thrown up their share of sniping, backbiting and dis-appointed egos. Some

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Babes and Biggles, Louise Wrightson

Spectacular Babies ed Bill Manhire HarperCollins, $24.95, ISBN 1869503775 Boys’ Own Stories: Short Stories by New Zealand Men ed Graeme Lay Tandem Press, $24.95, ISBN 1877178691 Five years ago, I remember jumping up and down in frustration in front of

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Issue 50 Winter 2000

  Volume 10 | Number 2 | Issue 50 | Winter 2000 Mark Amery: Roger Horrocks, Len Lye: A Biography Janet Charman: “snowing down south” (poem) Editorial Correspondence Patricia Grace on Pinocchio David Howard: “Now here” (poem) Jenny Pattrick: Ann Calhoun,

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Tough grace, Simone Drichel

Dogside Story Patricia Grace Penguin, $34.95, ISBN 0141004193 In her long career as a writer of both novels and short fiction, Patricia Grace has shown remarkable consistency in her publishing pattern: invariably, the publication of a collection of short stories

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