Issue 73 | June 2006


Issue 73 Autumn 2006Volume 16 | Number 2 | Issue 73 | June 2006 

Deborah Montgomerie: Pamela Wood, Dirt: Filth and Decay in a New World Arcadia

Guest editorial: Rosemary Wildblood, “Against complacency”


Hugh Roberts: Alistair Te Ariki Campbell, The Dark Lord of Savaiki: Collected Poems; W H Oliver, Poems 1946-2005

Geoff Chapple: Simon Nathan, Harold Wellman: A Man Who Moved New Zealand

Philip Temple: Alexa Johnston, Sir Edmund Hillary, An Extraordinary Life

Elaine Clark: Charles Ferrall, Paul Millar and Keren Smith (eds), East by South: China in the Australasian Imagination; Anthony L Smith (ed), Southeast Asia and New Zealand: A History of Regional and Bilateral Relations

Gordon McLauchlan: Auckland Writers and Readers Festival 2006

Paul Diamond: Barry Barclay, Mana Tuturu: Maori Treasures and Intellectual Property Rights

Anne Else: Celia Lashlie, He’ll Be OK: Growing Gorgeous Boys into Good Men

Margaret McClure: Colin Taylor, Body, Mind and Spirit: YMCA Auckland Celebrating 150 Years 1855-2005

Barbara Murison: Joy Cowley, Hunter; Brian Falkner, Super Freak; Eva Wong Ng, Chinatown Girl: The Diary of Silvey Chan, Auckland, 1942

John Bonallack: Alan Sefton, Peter Blake Sailor, Adventurer: The Story of a New Zealand Hero; Leon Davidson, Scarecrow Army: The Anzacs at Gallipoli; Glenys Stace, Blue New Zealand: Plants, Animals, Environments: A Visual Guide; John Parker, Frontier of Dreams – The Story of New Zealand: The Weight of World Wars 1897-1949; Ian Brodie, Cameras in Narnia: How The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Came to Life

Barbara Else: David Hill, Running Hot; Brigid Lowry, With Lots of Love from Georgia; Margaret Mahy, Kaitangata Twitch; Phil Smith, The Unknown Zone

Chris Else: Damien Wilkins (ed), Great Sporting Moments

Christine Johnston: Peter Wells (ed), The Cat’s Whiskers: New Zealand Writers on Cats; Fiona Kidman (ed), The Best New Zealand Fiction Volume 2; Huia Short Stories 6: Contemporary Maori Fiction; Barbara Else (ed), Like Wallpaper: New Zealand Short Stories for Teenagers

Robin Johnson: Deirdre Kent, Healthy Money Healthy Planet: Developing Sustainability Through New Money Systems

Jan Jordon: Mary Fielding (with Jane Westaway), Accusation: A Wife’s Story

Nicholas Reid: Andrew Mason, Henry Cooper of Auckland Grammar School

Jane Westaway: Kelly Ana Morey, How to Read a Book; Justin Paton, How to Look at a Picture

Greg Newbold: Eric Olssen and Maureen Hickey, Class and Occupation: The New Zealand Reality

Brian Opie: Jane Gilbert, Catching the Knowledge Wave? The Knowledge Society and the Future of Education

Bronwyn Dalley: Michael Belgrave, Historical Frictions: Maori Claims and Reinvented Histories

Barbara Larson: “High noon” (Comment)

Teresia Teaiwa: “Streets” (poem)



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