Poem – Jessica Le Bas

driving back from Takaka

she says
I will have to get
a tricky one this time
cause you are a smarty-pants
she looks out the window
g for grass
h for hills
t for trees
r for river

I will ask my magic finger to find a
tricky word just for you
she flexes her index finger
(right and left, they are both magic)
in the golden air
she points to the high hills
I have it!

eye spy with my foxy eye something beginning with … C
clouds – no
cows – no
no – no – no – no
there’s no castle! NO! give up?

NO, silly, there’s no crocodiles here
give up?

ha ha … clauDESTRA!
what’s that? You can’t just invent things!
my magic finger found it
that’s cheating – there’s no such thing as clau-dest-ra
yes there is
no there’s not
you don’t know everything you know

Jessica Le Bas

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