Issue 41 — December 1999

Issue-41Volume 9 | Number 5 | Issue 41 | December 1999

Jane Bowron: Paul Holmes, Holmes



Chris Knox: Duncan Sarkies, Stray Thoughts and Nose Bleeds

Anne French: Elizabeth Smither, The Lark Quartet

Elizabeth Smither: “The moon” (poem)

Peter Munz: Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Decolonizing Methodologies. Research and Indigenous Peoples

Bernard Carpinter: Don Donovan, The Wastings; Denis Edwards, Connor is Free; Andrew Grant, Hawks; Keith Stewart, After-heat; Tony Williams, Unsolved Murders in New Zealand

Lydia Wevers: Bee Dawson, Lady Painters: the flower painters of early New Zealand

Nicholas Reid: John O’Shea, Don’t Let It Get You

James Brown: “Discourse/Counter-Discourse” (poem)

Ian Johnstone: Peter Thomson, Kava in the Blood

Terence O’Brien: Ian McGibbon (ed), Unofficial Channels: Letters between Alister McIntosh and Foss Shanahan, George Laking and Frank Corner, 1946-1966

Jane Westaway interviews Barbara Else

Jock Phillips: Trevor Bentley, Pakeha Maori; Michael King, Being Pakeha Now

Peter Hawes: Noel Virtue, Losing Alice

Deborah Laurs: Dorothy Butler, There Was a Time

Martyn Sanderson: Work in progress

Richard Smith: Annie Rae Te Ake Ake, Myths and Legends of Aotearoa

Vivienne Plumb: Lauris Edmond, 50 Poems: A Celebration

L E Scott: Helen Jacobs, The Usefulness of Singing; Graham Lindsay, Legend of the Cool Secret; John Allison, Stone Moon Dark Water; Kenneth Fea, on what is not; John O’Connor, A Particular Context; David Gregory, frame of mind; Koenraad Kuiper, Timepieces

Heather Murray: Roger Robinson (ed), Writing Wellington: Twenty Years of Victoria University Writing Fellows

Susan Budd: Gwenyth Perry, Throwing Stones; Frances Cherry, Washing up in Parrot Bay; Daphne de Jong, Gather the Wind; Beryl Fletcher, The Blood Wood Clan

Jack Lasenby: Norman Bilbrough, Desert Shorts

John R Martin: Brian Easton, The Whimpering of the State: Policy after MMP

Vivienne Shakespear: Sarah Quigley, After Robert

Michael Morley: Letter from Australia

Janet Charman: “injection” (poem)

Jim Collinge: John Mansfield Thomson (1926-1999)

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