Issue 41 | December 1999



Volume 9 | Number 5 | Issue 41 | December 1999

Jane Bowron: Paul Holmes, Holmes



Chris Knox: Duncan Sarkies, Stray Thoughts and Nose Bleeds

Anne French: Elizabeth Smither, The Lark Quartet

Elizabeth Smither: “The moon” (poem)

Peter Munz: Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Decolonizing Methodologies. Research and Indigenous Peoples

Bernard Carpinter: Don Donovan, The Wastings; Denis Edwards, Connor is Free; Andrew Grant, Hawks; Keith Stewart, After-heat; Tony Williams, Unsolved Murders in New Zealand

Lydia Wevers: Bee Dawson, Lady Painters: the flower painters of early New Zealand

Nicholas Reid: John O’Shea, Don’t Let It Get You

James Brown: “Discourse/Counter-Discourse” (poem)

Ian Johnstone: Peter Thomson, Kava in the Blood

Terence O’Brien: Ian McGibbon (ed), Unofficial Channels: Letters between Alister McIntosh and Foss Shanahan, George Laking and Frank Corner, 1946-1966

Jane Westaway interviews Barbara Else

Jock Phillips: Trevor Bentley, Pakeha Maori; Michael King, Being Pakeha Now

Peter Hawes: Noel Virtue, Losing Alice

Deborah Laurs: Dorothy Butler, There Was a Time

Martyn Sanderson: Work in progress

Richard Smith: Annie Rae Te Ake Ake, Myths and Legends of Aotearoa

Vivienne Plumb: Lauris Edmond, 50 Poems: A Celebration

L E Scott: Helen Jacobs, The Usefulness of Singing; Graham Lindsay, Legend of the Cool Secret; John Allison, Stone Moon Dark Water; Kenneth Fea, on what is not; John O’Connor, A Particular Context; David Gregory, frame of mind; Koenraad Kuiper, Timepieces

Heather Murray: Roger Robinson (ed), Writing Wellington: Twenty Years of Victoria University Writing Fellows

Susan Budd: Gwenyth Perry, Throwing Stones; Frances Cherry, Washing up in Parrot Bay; Daphne de Jong, Gather the Wind; Beryl Fletcher, The Blood Wood Clan

Jack Lasenby: Norman Bilbrough, Desert Shorts

John R Martin: Brian Easton, The Whimpering of the State: Policy after MMP

Vivienne Shakespear: Sarah Quigley, After Robert

Michael Morley: Letter from Australia

Janet Charman: “injection” (poem)

Jim Collinge: John Mansfield Thomson (1926-1999)

Essays for the New Millennium

Sandra Coney on women

Mark Williams on culture and identity

Paul Morris on spirituality

Mark Broatch on technology

Kate Camp on literature

Chris Laidlaw on sport

Diane Prince on Treaty issues

Colin James on politics and economics

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