Issue 30 | October 1997

Volume 7 | Number 4 | Issue 30 | October 1997


Issue-30David Grant explains the rugby nexus with South Africa

Hamish Keith tells how we get our houses in a mess,

Iain Sharp finds narrative depth in Morrissey’s Paradise

Three economists examine the reforms and find different things in them

Tom Brooking finds a nearly empty landscape

Neville Bennett goes reviewing for a laugh

Nicholas Reid relives the Liston sedition trial

Murray King recaps a world that has steamed by

Lauris Edmond discovers some new poets and their publisher

Kim Worthington finds short story writing is deepening

Nelson Wattie recalls Paul Hoffmann

Charlotte MacDonald follows the ups and downs of the NCW

Brian Gaynor charts the ups and downs of the stockmarket

Diane Hebley scans young adult fiction

Janet Hughes looks at how to write and the products of a writing course

Poem: Diana Bridge

Poem:  Rae Varcoe

Letters: Alan Loney on Kim Worthington; Stevan Eldred-Grigg on Jane Stafford

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