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We go to considerable lengths to review as many as practicable of the books published each year. However, for several reasons we cannot review all of them.

The foremost reason is that we must be able to justify the review as an article of interest and quality. Sometimes we simply cannot find the right reviewer for a book.

We do not as a rule review reprints nor second editions unless very substantially revised — though we may include them in a retrospective assessment of a writer’s work.

In the case of a very few books there are specific reasons.

We also work under tight space constraints which means we simply cannot review all books.

There comes a time when a book has been on our shelves some time without our having found a suitable reviewer or a suitable way of treating it — or the space. That is seldom a comment on the book; more a comment on our constraints.

This is a list of such books. They are in no particular order.

Othello (Critical points in Shakespeare), Nicholas Reid; The Other Side, Warwick Roger; Bravo! The NZSO at 50, Joy Tonks; The Music of ScotlandTen, ed Bridget Musters & Jillian Sullivan; The Hidden Mask, John Elder; The Insatiable Moon, Michael Riddell; Laura, Pedro, Te Tiriti and I, Sam Fisher; The Grandiflora Tree, Shonagh Koea; Windows on Widowhood, Jocelyn C Murray; The Future Seekers Way and Means to see into your future, Kimberley Paterson; Logos Logic. The Organicism of Sex, Politics and Religion, Rod Cameron; Minnie Dean, Lynley Hood; The Big C: My Experience with Cancer, Rebecca Swan; Bushwoman, Sigrid Crump; A Tribute to Crumpy. Barry Crump 1935-1986Everything you needed to know about MMP, New Zealabnd Electoral Commission; The Disputes Tribunal of New Zealand, Peter Spiller; Nelson: A Regional History, Jim McAloon; Nga Tangata Taumata Rau 1901-1920, Volume Three; Destroying New Zealand: The Tragedy of the 21st Century, John Robinson; The Cot Death Cover-up?, Jim Sprott; Patterns of Emergent Literacy. Processes of Development and Transition, Stuart McNaughton; Accident Compensation: The Faulty Basis of No -fault and State Provision, Richard A Epstein; Diversity and Injustice: Proceedings of a Seminar to Mark the United Nations Year of Tolerance 1995, ed G R Hawke; Without Prejudice: Women in the Law, Gill Gatfield; Out Law – a legal guide for lesbians and gays in New Zealand, Auckand Gay and Lesbian Lawyers Group; Digging Deeper: A New Zealand Guide to Investigative Reporting, Amanda Cropp; Endeavour. Winning the Whitbread, Grant Doulton Glen Sowry; Sailing with Penny Whiting: A step-by-step guide to the basics of sailing, Penny Whiting; 1996 New Zealand Sporting Year. The Year in Photographs. All the great pictures, Terry Maddaford; Which Native Forest Plant?, Andrew Crowe; Which Native Fern?, Andrew Crowe; New Zealand Wild Flowers Handbook, Owen and Audrey Bishop; Ferns of New Zealand, Susan Firth, Martyn Firth, Elizabeth Ferth; Eruption: Mount Ruapehu Awakes, Bruce Houghton, Vince Neall and David Johnston; New Zealand Coast & Mountain Plants. Their communties and lifestyles, John Dawson & Rob Lucas; The prostate problem: what every New Zealand man should know, Ron Taylor; A Healing Journey, Lewis Jones; The New Zealand Woman’s Guide to Running, Annemarie Jutel; Surf’s Up: Internet New Zealand Style, Katherine Phelps/Chris Lipscombe; Wired Kiwis. Every New Zealander’s Guide to the Internet, Peter Wiggin; First Aid for New  Zealand PC Users, Stephen Stratford; Hardanger Plus for New Zealanders, Carol Matheson; Make Your Own Cosmetics – skin lotions, soaps, shampoos and conditioners, June Thornton Hot Flowers, Catherine McGreivy; Star Signs for New Zealanders, Andrea Hammond; Talking for the Animals, Bob Kerridge; Good Weekend Guide: Out of Auckland, Mary Jane Boland; Management guide to Managing, Kate Keenan; Writing Your Family History: A New Zealand Guide, Joan Rosier-Jones; Our Country: Our Choices. Propects for 2020, eds Malcolm Menzies, Heather Newell, Roger Peren; New Zealand Career Master. A complete guide to tertiary studies in New Zealand, John Wilson; The New Zealand Home Exchange & Rental Directory 1997, Peter Lynch, Harry Bioletti

Reprints: The Priests of Ferris, Under the Mountain, The Halfmen of O and Motherstone, all Maurice Gee; Religions of New Zealand (second Edition), Ed Peter Donovan; A Man’s Country. the image of the pakeha male — a history, Jock Phillips; Allen Adair, Jane Mander; The Yanks are coming — the American invasion of New Zealand, Harry Bioletti; Krystyna’s Story, Halina Ogonowska-Coates; A changing order, Pauline O’Regan; Born to New Zealand — a biography of Maria Atkinson, Frances Porter; I have in my arms both ways — stories by 10 immigrant women, ed Adrienne Jansen; Below the Surface, ed Ambury Hall; By the Light of the Moon, Eidel Rasmuss; Potiki and Mutuwhenua, Patricia Grace; Soil Science — sustainable production and environmental protection, R G McLaren, K C Cameron; Self and Spirit in the Therapeutic Relationship, Kenneth Bragan; nga kokako huataratara (the plumes of the kokako), Apapera Hineira Kaa

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