Issue 24 | August 1996

Issue 24Volume 6 | Number 3 | Issue 24 | August 1996

Letters, August 1996

Miles Fairburn: James Belich, Making Peoples, A History of the New Zealanders from Polynesian Settlement to the End of the Nineteenth Century

Anne French: Jenny Bornholt and Greg O’Brien (eds), My Heart Goes Swimming: New Zealand love poems; and James Brown, Go Round Power Please

Alan Loney: Mike Johnson, Treasure Hunt

Janet Hughes: Diana Bridge, Landscape with Lines; Michael Jackson, Antipodes; Bernard Brown, Surprising the Slug; Nadine LaHatte, Celebrating Stones; Bill Direen, Evolition; David Howard, Holding Company

David Eggleton: Adrienne Jansen, Harry Ricketts, JC Sturm and Meg Campbell, How Things Are; Damien Wilkins, Elizabeth Knox, Bill Manhire and Emily Perkins, four

Rachel McAlpine: From ‘Doshisha Dairy’ (a poem)

Chris Orsman: The Ice Navigators (a poem)

Vincent O’Sullivan: Peter Hawes, Leapfrog with Unicorns

Iain Sharp: Emily Perkins, Not Her Real Name, and Other Stories

Heather Murray: Elizabeth Smither, The Journal Box

Shelagh Duckham Cox: Miles Fairburn and WH Oliver, The Certainty of Doubt. Tributes to Peter Munz

Paul Spoonley: Claudia Bell, Inventing New Zealand, Everyday Myths of Pakeha Identity

Piet de Jong: John Ruck, The Cross-Leased Chardonnay Cellphone Paradise

Hamish Keith: New Zealand Cultural Statistics 1995 (comment)

Christine Woods: Anne Else, False Economy: New Zealanders face the conflict between paid and unpaid work

Patricia Herbert: Wolfgang Kasper, Free to Work: The Liberalisation of New Zealand’s Labour Market

John Henderson: Jonathan Boston, Stephen Levine, Elizabeth McLeay, Nigel Roberts, New Zealand Under MMP: A New Politics?

Andrew Ladley: Philip A Joseph (ed), Essays on the Constitution; Grant Huscroft and Paul Rishworth (eds), Rights and Freedoms – the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 and the Human Rights Act 1993

Colin Knox: AJ (Tone) Borren, The Intangibles of Managing; Richard Higham and Sara Williams, The New Zealand Small Business; Alyse Boaz, Marketing in New Zealand

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