Issue 21 | December 1995

Issue 21 Autumn 1995

Volumer 5 | Number 5 | Issue 21 | December 1995

Letters, December 1995

Vincent O’Sullivan: Michael King, Frank Sargeson: A Life

Stephen Levine: Martin Hames, Winston First: The unauthorised account of Winston Peters’ career

David Grant: Mike Brewer (with Phil Gifford), Mike Brewer: The Authorised Biography

Stuart Murray: National revolutionary [on Frank Sargeson]

Bill Sewell: Owen Marshall, Coming Home in the Dark; A Many Coated Man

Lydia Wevers: Stevan Eldred-Grigg, Mum; Owen Marshall, A Many Coated Man; Janice Marriott, Crossroads

Chris Prentice: Stevan Eldred-Grigg, Mum

Iain Sharp: James McNeish, My Name is Paradiso

Elizabeth Smither: Michael Gifkins (ed), Lust: stories from Australian and New Zealand writers

Michael Pearson: Ngaio Marsh, Off With His Head; Carol Dawber, Sounds Easy – a New Zealand mystery; Paul Thomas, Inside Dope

Hamish Keith: Bronwen Nicholson (with Roger Blackley, Jonathan Mane-Wheoki, Roger Neich, Richard Wolfe), Gauguin and Maori Art

Bill Oliver: Waikato Raupatu Claims Settlement Act 1995 (comment)

Erik Olssen: Miles Fairburn, Nearly Out of Heart and Hope: The puzzle of a colonial labourer’s diary

Steve Maharey: Deborah Mabbett, Trade, Employment and Welfare: A comparative study of trade and labour market policies in Sweden and New Zealand, 1880-1980; Alexander Davidson, A Home of One’s Own: Housing policy in Sweden and New Zealand from the 1840s-1990s

Adam Levy: Ann Beaglehole and Hal Levine, Far from the Promised Land?

Paul Spoonley: Stuart W Greif (ed), Immigration and National Identity in New Zealand: One People, Two Peoples, Many Peoples?

Geoff Bertram: Barry Maley, Ethics and Ecosystems: Protecting Human Interests and Environmental Values; Grant Hewison, Reconciling Trade and the Environment: Issues for New Zealand; Sir Geoffrey Palmer, Environment: The International Challenge

Piet de Jong: Lomu-isation

Fleur Adcock: Risks (a poem)

David Eggleton: The Otago Hubcap Ashtray School of Painters Dreams of Spring (a poem)

Anne French: Boys’ night out (a poem)

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