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Poem — John Ridland

Night Song for my Wife to Sing at Dawn, with Ducks (Back in Christchurch, fifty years after she left)   Solo: My Wife I sleep while he wakes to write these thoughts for me. My thoughts sleep with me through

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The importance of being Ernest Karen Hartshorn

The Awa Book of New Zealand Science  Rebecca Priestley (ed) Awa Press, $48.00, ISBN 9780958262996 I grew up in a household with a chemistry professor for a mother, a kitchen full of mysterious jars labelled “Experiment: Do Not Eat”, and

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On message, Isa Moynihan

Is She Still Alive?  Tessa Duder HarperCollins, $34.99, ISBN 9781869507107 Alternative Medicine Laura Solomon Flame Books, $30.00 (approx),  ISBN 978095562514 Transported  Tim Jones Vintage, $27.99, ISBN 9781864919844 In her introduction to Is She Still Alive? Tessa Duder says the stories

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Reading the score, Peter Russell

Facing the Music: Charles Baeyertz and the Triad Joanna Woods Otago University Press, $45.00,  ISBN 9781877372551 Charles Nalder Baeyertz was born in Melbourne in 1866, his surname inherited from a German who came to England in the 18th century –

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Legions of the brave, Rhonda Pritchard

Serial Survivors: Women’s Narratives of Surviving Rape Jan Jordan The Federation Press, $49.99,  ISBN 9781862876798 It could easily be a Jimmy McGovern script. A “good husband and father of three children”, with a secret lover on the side, stalks and

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Long shot, Russell Campbell

Shot in New Zealand: The Art and Craft of the Kiwi Cinematographer Duncan Petrie Random House, $55.00, ISBN 9781869417918 Shot in New Zealand is a handsomely produced survey of the work of 12 New Zealand cinematographers, ordered alphabetically from Warwick

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For their own good, Eric Medcalf

Unreasonable Force Beth Wood, Ian Hassall, George Hook with Robert Ludbrook Save the Children New Zealand, $25.00,  ISBN 978047313095 Unreasonable Force documents the campaign leading to the repeal, in June 2007, of Section 59 of the 1961 Crimes Act. Section

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Up the line to death, Edmund Bohan

March to the Sound of the Guns Ray Grover Longacre Press, $34.99, ISBN 9781877460012 Ray Grover’s extremely well written novel March to the Sound of the Guns traces the harrowing years of the First World War, and the years immediately

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In or out, Hugh Roberts

Dream Boat: Selected Poems Tony Beyer HeadworX, $34.99, ISBN 9780473126520 Making Lists for Frances Hodgkins Paula Green Auckland University Press, $24.99,  ISBN 9781869404024 Mr Maui’s Monologues  Peter Bland Steele Roberts, $24.99, ISBN 9781877448270 In Continents  Richard Reeve  Auckland University Press,

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