Legions of the brave, Rhonda Pritchard

Serial Survivors: Women’s Narratives of Surviving Rape Jan Jordan The Federation Press, $49.99,  ISBN 9781862876798 It could easily be a Jimmy McGovern script. A “good husband and father of three children”, with a secret lover on the side, stalks and sexually violates at least 27 other … Continue reading

Out of the war zone, Pat Gilberd

When Parents Part How Kids Adapt: What Hurts What Heals  Rhonda Pritchard Penguin, $24.95, ISBN 0 14 027790 0 When It’s Over: When a Relationship ends: New Zealanders talk about their experience of separation and divorce Michaelanne Forster Penguin, $24.95, ISBN 0 14 027766 8 In When … Continue reading