Designing the welfare quilt, Alison Gray

The Fabric of Welfare: Voluntary Organisations, Government and Welfare in New Zealand, 1840-2005 Margaret Tennant    Bridget Williams Books, $49.99,  ISBN 9781877242373 Margaret Tennant has added another patch to the ever-expanding quilt of publications documenting the social history of New … Continue reading

Always with us, Alison Gray

Society and Politics: New Zealand Social Policy Grant Duncan Pearson Sprint Print Prentice Hall, $29.95, ISBN 1877258962 Past Judgement: Social Policy in New Zealand History ed Bronwyn Dalley and Margaret Tennant University of Otago Press, $39.95, ISBN 187727657X Greed, blame, hypocrisy and … Continue reading

Changing habits, Margaret Tennant

Mary Potter’s Little Company of Mary – The New Zealand Experience 1914-2002   Ann Trotter Bridget Williams Books/Little Company of Mary, $39.95, ISBN 1877242314 It may be a sign of the times that sisterhood – of the religious community, rather than the feminist variety – has been … Continue reading

A time of transition, Margaret Tennant

Her Work and His. Family Kin and Community in New Zealand 1900-1930 Claire Toynbee Victoria University Press, $34.95, ISBN 0864732848 Dialogue between historians and sociologists in New Zealand has been very limited. Where historians have acknowledged historical writing by sociologists, they … Continue reading