Memory and amnesia, Giovanni Tiso

To the Memory: New Zealand’s War Memorials Jock Phillips Potton and Burton, $60.00, ISBN 9780947503024 Think of it as a road guide to New Zealand of sorts, one that maps your route both spatially and chronologically: for almost every town has its own war memorials, and they all have their … Continue reading

Voices from the past, Jock Phillips

Remembering Gallipoli: Interviews with New Zealand Gallipoli Veterans  Christopher Pugsley and Charles Ferrall (eds) Victoria University Press, $40.00 ISBN 9780864739919 Amid the flood of printed words that have marked the centenary of New Zealand’s Gallipoli experience, Remembering … Continue reading

Captions and context, David Littlewood

The Anzacs: An Inside View of New Zealanders at Gallipoli Auckland War Memorial Museum Penguin, $45.00, ISBN 9780143572336 Brothers in Arms: Gordon and Robin Harper in the Great War Jock Phillips with Philip Harper and Susan Harper NZHistoryJock, $40.00, ISBN 9780473308773 One of the … Continue reading

Page vs screen, Jock Phillips

Jock Phillips reflects on editing I grew up in a house full of books, where conversations inspired by books flowed free. Visits to the library were precious. I yearned to write books and will never forget that extraordinary moment when I held in my hand a copy of my first … Continue reading