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Outrageous fortune, Chris Bourke 

Gutter Black
Dave McArtney
ISBN 9781775540397

Hello Sailor were New Zealand’s most convincing rock stars. They acted like pirates, and managed to look menacing and foppish at the same time. It wasn’t a pose; it was a lifestyle. They lifted standards in performance, songwriting, and recording – and they behaved extremely badly. Emulating the music and hedonism of their heroes – The Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop and Lou Reed – they created their own genre of rock music in which Polynesian languor coexisted with the sinister possibilities of 1970s Ponsonby after hours.

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Smoke gets in our eyes, Colin Morris

Blue Smoke: The Lost Dawn of New Zealand Popular Music 1918-1964 Chris Bourke Auckland University Press, $59.99, ISBN 9781869404550   To anybody under the age of 25, it might come as a shock to read Chris Bourke’s book and discover

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