Dangerous confusion, Tim Hazledine

The Fire Economy: New Zealand’s Reckoning  Jane Kelsey Bridget Williams Books, $50.00, ISBN 9781927247839 “Imagine,” said the great physicist Richard Feynman, “how much harder physics would be if electrons had emotions!” Harder still, if not just emotions but consciousness, memory … Continue reading

The undemocratic free market, Bryan Gould

Beyond the Free Market: Rebuilding a Just Society in New Zealand David Cooke, Claire Hill, Pat Baskett and Ruth Irwin (eds) Dunmore Press, $30.00, ISBN 9711927212189 In the opening essay of this impressive collection, Nicky Hager identifies 1993 as the crucial date when opinion turned against … Continue reading

Lifting the lid, Colin Peacock

Dirty Politics: How Attack Politics is Poisoning New Zealand’s Political Environment Nicky Hager Craig Potton Publishing, $35.00, ISBN 9781927213360 The Catch: How Fishing Companies Reinvented Slavery and Plunder the Oceans Michael Field Awa Press, $40.00, ISBN … Continue reading

Town and country, Brian Easton

Growing Apart: Regional Prosperity in New Zealand Shamubeel Eaqub Bridget Williams Books, $15.00, ISBN 9781927277614 When the Farm Gates Opened: The Impact of Rogernomics on Rural New Zealand Neal Wallace Otago University Press, $30.00, ISBN 9781877578724 In the last hundred years, the … Continue reading