Reeling them in

Editorial It’s been a year since Peppercorn Press and New Zealand Books Pukapuka Aotearoa launched Hooked on NZ Books,, a website designed to encourage, nurture and publish young reviewers reading New Zealand books. During our first year, Hooked on NZ Books has … Continue reading

Issue 115 — Editorial

Taking it personally Recent conversations about the state of reviewing in New Zealand have been dominated by demands, sometimes pleas, that reviewers be brave and honest. Of course. We, too, at New Zealand Books Pukapuka Aotearoa look for bravery and honesty in critical judgments, and very … Continue reading

Editorial — Issue 113

A new generation of reviewers These are interesting, transformative times for reviewing, and for the notion of the expert or informed opinion more generally. The democratisation of social media allows anyone and everyone to express and disseminate their opinion. On the one hand, and primarily … Continue reading

Editorial — Issue 110

Obligatory piety We don’t know whether, like us, others are feeling a certain uneasiness at the direction the WWI/Anzac centenary commemorations (often celebrations) are taking. That the platoons of books regularly pouring off the presses, here and overseas, that the many WWI websites and … Continue reading

Editorial — Issue 105

Something old, something new Between us, we have noticed – with a progression of interest, appetite, and increasing alarm, rather swiftly replaced by boredom – a growing body of new novels that look very much like the old. Sequels, prequels, rewritings, updatings and various incarnations of … Continue reading